Sec. 5-110  Use of Impact Fees Collected.
   Any and all fees collected pursuant to the provisions of this ordinance may be utilized for the following purposes only the Town of Schererville, acting by and through its Town Council which, for the purpose of this ordinance, is identified as the "infrastructure agency" contemplated by Indiana Code, § 36-7-4-1317:
      1.   Providing funds to be utilized by the Town of Schererville for the purpose of paying the capital costs of new park and recreational infrastructure that is necessary to serve the new development within the corporate limits of the Town, and that is identified in the Zone Improvement Plan;
      2.   An amount not to exceed five percent (5%) of the annual collections of the fee to be utilized for expenses incurred by the Town for the consulting services used to establish this ordinance;
      3.   To pay any refund due pursuant to the terms of this ordinance;
      4.   To pay the debt service cost on an obligation issued to provide new park and recreational infrastructure described in sub-paragraph (1) above.
(Ord. No. 1400, § 11, 11-2697)