General Provisions
   52.001   Operation of municipal waterworks
   52.002   Definition
   52.003   Loaning curb stop key
   52.004   Shutting off water; notice
   52.005   Superintendent; appointment and duties
   52.006   Cashier; appointment and duties
   52.007   Payment for lost water
Connections and Maintenance Regulations
   52.015   Permit required
   52.016   Application for service
   52.017   Application form; meter deposits
   52.018   Tapping fees
   52.019   Installation and pipe costs
   52.020   Tapping permit; manner of tapping; specifications of materials used
   52.021   Authorization required to tap or make connection
   52.022   Registered plumber to make attachments with main pipes; permit required
   52.023   Consumers to maintain pipes and fixtures; repair breaks; liability
   52.024   Consumers liable for city service to frozen pipes; multiple customers on same line prohibited
   52.025   Waterworks Department turning water off and on; charge
   52.026   Repair by city; liability for damages from turning water on or off
   52.027   Valves to be installed where private wells used in conjunction with city water
   52.028   Closing corporation stop and turning water off
   52.029   Attaching pipe to stopcock
   52.030   Inspection and approval by Superintendent
   52.031   Information to be submitted after inspection and approval
   52.032   Consumer to maintain stop box; liability for failure to provide access
   52.033   Inspections by Superintendent; control of stopcock
   52.034   Forfeiture or revocation of registration of plumber
   52.035   Cross connections
   52.045   Service to be metered; permit to remove meter
   52.046   Board to specify size and type of meter
   52.047   Obstruction of meters; shutting off water for violation; right of city to examine meters
   52.048   Removal of water meter
   52.049   Outside meter installations
Board of Directors
   52.060   Composition; terms
   52.061   Appointment
   52.062   Qualifications
   52.063   Persons ineligible
   52.064   Political affiliation
   52.065   Bond requirement
   52.066   Powers and duties
Waterworks Bonds; Disposition of Revenue
   52.080   Keeping of records; inspection by bond holders
   52.081   Duties of Clerk-Treasurer; handling of funds
   52.082   Apportionment of revenues to fund; other bond covenants
Rates and Charges
   52.095   Duty of city to establish just rates
   52.096   Establishment of rates and services
   52.097   Metered rates
   52.098   Minimum monthly charge
   52.099   Hydrant charges
   52.100   Sprinkler system connection charge
   52.101   Charge to temporary users
   52.102   Collection and deferred payment charge
   52.103   Adjustments for meter leakage
   52.104   Disconnection of service
   52.105   Testing of meters to determine overcharge
Capital Charges in Certain Areas
   52.115   Lake Manitou area described
   52.116   Surcharge established
   52.117   Application of surcharges
   52.118   Cost of water line construction borne by owner
   52.119   Connection fee for existing buildings; exceptions
   52.120   Connection fee for newer buildings; exceptions
Statutory reference:
   Environment generally, see I.C. 13-1-1-1 et seq.