General Provisions
   51.01   Management of sewage collection system; authority to prohibit dumping
   51.02   Cost of construction to be borne by owner
Sewer Use
   51.15   Applicability and enforcement of provisions
   51.16   Definitions
   51.17   Prohibited acts
   51.18   Permit required; classes of permits
   51.19   Discharge of certain wastes prohibited; Board's response to violation
   51.20   Pretreatment of industrial wastes required
   51.21   Plans for pretreatment facility to be submitted to city; periodic inspections
   51.22   Discharge of unpolluted water
   51.23   Pretreatment and discharge of industrial cooling water
   51.24   Nonresidential users to provide wastewater flow characteristics information
   51.25   Strength of sewage; testing
   51.26   Grease, oil, sand interceptors and traps
   51.27   Notice to city of unusual flows
   51.28   Compliance with state and federal requirements
   51.29   Tampering with Municipal Sewage Works prohibited
   51.30   Right of entry for purpose of inspection
   51.31   Non-delegated pretreatment program
   51.32   Violations
   51.33   Appeals to Board of Public Works and Safety
Rates and Charges
   51.45   Definitions
   51.46   Charges established; charges regulated by EPA; classes of users
   51.47   Charges collected from owners; basis of sewage rates and charges
   51.48   Methods of measurement to determine water quantity
   51.49   Charges based on volume, strength and character of waste discharged
   51.50   Manner of billing and collection
   51.51   Special rate contracts
   51.52   Special rates and charges
   51.53   Area to be additionally charged
   51.54   Monthly average calculation
   51.55   Financial contributions
   51.56   Study to review fairness, equity and proportionality of rates and charges
   51.57   Tapping charges for connection to the sewage works system
   51.58   Video discrepancy policy
   51.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Environment generally, see I.C. 13-1-1-1 et seq.
   Federal general pretreatment regulations for existing and new sources of pollution, see 40 CFR 403