Chapter 4-100.0. Listing of Subcodes
   § 4-101.0.   Listing of Subcodes.
Chapter 4-200.0. Text of Subcodes
Subcode "A" (The Philadelphia Administrative Code)
Chapter 1 General
   A-101   Purpose.
   A-102   Applicability.
   A-103   Validity.
   A-104   Workmanship.
   A-105   Responsibility.
   A-106   Definitions.
Chapter 2 Enforcement Authority
   A-201   General.
   A-202   Duties and Powers of the Code Official.
   A-203   Approval.
   [A-204   Deleted.]
Chapter 3 Permits
   A-301   Application for Permit.
   A-302   Permits.
   A-303   Demolition and Relocation of Structures.
   A-304   Registered Design Professional Services.
   A-305   Construction Documents.
   A-306   Commercial Construction Records.
Chapter 4 Inspections
   A-401   Right of Entry.
   A-402   Permit Inspections.
   A-403   Coordination of Inspections.
   A-404   Service Utilities.
   A-405   Identification.
Chapter 5 Violations
   A-501   General.
   A-502   Notices and Orders.
   A-503   Prosecution.
   A-504   Stop Work Order.
   A-505   Cease Operations Order.
   A-506   Code Violation Notices (CVN).
Chapter 6 Penalties
   A-601   Fines.
   A-602   Facility License.
   A-603   Individual License.
   A-604   Compliance Required.
Chapter 7 Certificates and Approvals
   A-701   Certificate of Occupancy.
   A-702   Certificate of Approval.
   A-703   Special Certificate of Inspection.
Chapter 8 Appeals and Variances
   A-801   Technical Appeals.
   A-802   Technical Boards.
   A-803   Non-Technical Appeals.
   A-804   Board of License and Inspection Review.
   A-805   Action Pending Appeal.
   A-901   General.
   A-902   Building, Fuel Gas and Mechanical Code Fees.
   A-903   Electrical Code Fees.
   A-904   Fire Code Fees.
   A-905   Plumbing Code Fees.
   A-906   Property License Fees.
   A-907   Zoning Fees.
Chapter 10 Work Site Public Safety, Worker Training Identification, and Signage
   A-1001   General.
Chapter 11 Requirements Concerning Rat Abatement
   A-1101   General.
Subcode "B" (The Philadelphia Building Code)
Article B-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Building Code"
Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   B-101   General.
Chapter 3 Use and Occupancy Classification
   305   Educational Group E.
   308   Institutional Group I.
   310   Residential Group R.
Chapter 4 Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy
   403   High-Rise Buildings.
   406   Motor-Related Occupancies.
   B-429   Family Child Day Care Facilities.
   B-430   Special Assembly Occupancies.
Chapter 7 Fire and Smoke Protection Features
   B-711   Floor and Roof Assemblies.
Chapter 9 Fire Protection Systems
   903   Automatic Sprinkler Systems.
   907   Fire Alarm and Detection Systems.
   B-919   Emergency Vehicle Access.
   B-920   Private Fire Hydrants.
Chapter 10 Means of Egress
   1010   Doors, Gates and Turnstiles.
   1011   Stairways.
Chapter 12 Interior Environment
   1201   General.
   B-1210   Storage of Refuse.
Chapter 15 Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures
   1504   Performance Requirements.
Chapter 16 Structural Design
   1608   Snow Loads.
   1609   Wind Loads.
   1612   Flood Loads.
   1613   Earthquake Loads.
Chapter 17 Structural Tests and Special Inspections
   1704   Special Inspections and Tests, Contractor Responsibility and Structural Observation.
   1705   Required Special Inspections and Tests.
   1707   Alternative Test Procedure.
Chapter 18 Soils and Foundations
   1809   Shallow Foundations.
Chapter 27 Electrical
   2702   Emergency and Standby Power Systems.
Chapter 29 Plumbing Systems
Chapter 30 Elevators and Conveying Systems
   3001   General.
   3004   Conveying Systems.
Chapter 31 Special Construction
   3104   Pedestrian Walkways and Tunnels.
   3109   Swimming Pool Enclosures and Safety Devices.
Chapter 32 Encroachments into the Public Right-of-Way
Chapter 33 Safeguards During Construction
   3301   General.
   3302   Construction Safeguards.
   3303   Demolition.
   3306   Protection of Pedestrians.
   3307   Protection of Adjoining Property.
Subcode "E" (The Philadelphia Electrical Code)
Chapter 1 Scope
   E-101   Reserved.
   E-102   Reserved.
Subcode "EB" (The Philadelphia Existing Building Code)
Article EB-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Existing Building Code"
Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   EB-101   General.
Chapter 3 Provisions for All Compliance Methods
   301   Administration.
   EB-306   Storage of Refuse.
   EB-307   Special Assembly Occupancies.
Chapter 5 Provisions for All Compliance Methods
   504   Fire Escapes.
Chapter 13 Performance Compliance Methods
   1301   General.
Chapter 15 Construction Safeguards
Subcode "EC" (The Philadelphia Energy Conservation Code)
Article EC-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Energy Conservation Code"
IECC – Commercial Provisions
  Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   EC-C101   Scope and General Requirements.
IECC – Residential Provisions
  Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   EC-R101   Scope and General Requirements.
  Chapter 4 Residential Energy Efficiency
   R402   Building Thermal Envelope.
   R403   Systems.
Subcode "F" (The Philadelphia Fire Code)
Article F-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Fire Code", with additions, deletions and amendments
Part I – Administrative
  Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   F-101   General
   F-102   Applicability
   F-103   Unsafe Conditions
   F-104   General Authority and Responsibilities
   F-105   Permits and Licenses
   F-106   Maintenance
   F-107   Appeals of Violations
   F-108   Board of Safety and Fire Prevention
   F-109   Reduction or Elimination of Life Safety and Fire Protection Services
  Chapter 2 Definitions
   201   General
   202   General Definitions
  Chapter 3 General Requirements
   301   General
   305   Ignition Sources
   307   Open Burning, Recreational Fires and Portable Outdoor Fireplaces
   308   Open Flames
   311   Vacant Premises
   315   General Storage
  Chapter 4 Emergency Planning and Preparedness
   403   Emergency Preparedness Requirements
   F-408   Family Child Day Care Facilities
  Chapter 5 Fire Service Features
   501   General
   507   Fire Protection Water Supplies
   508   Fire Command Center
   510   Emergency Responder Radio Coverage
  Chapter 6 Building Services and Systems
   601   General
   603   Fuel-Fired Appliances
   606   Elevator Operation, Maintenance and Fire Service Keys
  Chapter 7 Fire and Smoke Protection Features
   701   General
  Chapter 8 Interior Finish, Decorative Materials and Furnishings
   806   Natural Decorative Vegetation in New and Existing Buildings
  Chapter 9 Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems
   901   General
   912   Fire Department Connections
   916   Gas Detection Systems
  Chapter 11 Construction Requirements for Existing Buildings
   1101   General
   1103   Fire Safety Requirements for Existing Buildings
   1104   Means of Egress for Existing Buildings
   1106   Requirements for Outdoor Operations
  Chapter 12 Energy Systems
   1205   Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems
   1206   Electrical Energy Storage Systems
  Chapter 20 Aviation Facilities
   2001   General
  Chapter 21 Dry Cleaning
   2101   General
  Chapter 22 Combustible Dust-Producing Operations
   2201   General
  Chapter 23 Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages
   2301   General
  Chapter 24 Flammable Finishes
   2401   General
  Chapter 25 Fruit and Crop Ripening
   2501   General
  Chapter 26 Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging
   2601   General
  Chapter 27 Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities
   2701   General
  Chapter 28 Lumber Yards and Agro-Industrial, Solid Biomass and Woodworking Facilities
   2801   General
  Chapter 29 Manufacture of Organic Coatings
   2901   General
  Chapter 30 Industrial Ovens
   3001   General
  Chapter 31 Tents, Temporary Special Event Structures and Other Membrane Structures
   3103   Temporary Tents and Membrane Structures
   3105   Temporary Special Event Structures
   3106   Outdoor Assembly Events
  Chapter 32 High-Piled Combustible Storage
   3201   General
  Chapter 34 Tire Rebuilding and Tire Storage
   3401   General
  Chapter 35 Welding and Other Hot Work
   3501   General
  Chapter 37 Combustible Fibers
   3701   General
  Chapter 39 Processing and Extraction Facilities
   3901   General
  Chapter 50 Hazardous Materials General Provisions
   5001   General
   5003   General Requirements
  Chapter 51 Aerosols
   5101   General
  Chapter 53 Compressed Gases
   5301   General
  Chapter 54 Corrosive Material
   5401   General
  Chapter 55 Cryogenic Fluids
   5501   General
  Chapter 56 Explosives and Fireworks
   5601   General
  Chapter 57 Flammable and Combustible Liquids
   5701   General
   5704   Storage
   5706   Special Operations
  Chapter 58 Flammable Gases and Flammable Cryogenic Fluids
   5801   General
  Chapter 59 Flammable Solids
   5901   General
  Chapter 60 Highly Toxic and Toxic Materials
   6001   General
  Chapter 61 Liquefied Petroleum Gases
   6101   General
   6104   Location of LP-Gas Containers
  Chapter 62 Organic Peroxides
   6201   General
  Chapter 63 Oxidizers, Oxidizing Gases and Oxidizing Cryogenic Fluids
   6301   General
  Chapter 64 Pyrophoric Materials
   6401   General
  Chapter 65 Pyroxylin (Cellulose Nitrate) Plastics
   6501   General
  Chapter 66 Unstable (Reactive) Materials
   6601   General
  Chapter 67 Water-Reactive Solids and Liquids
   6701   General
Appendix O Elevator Call Station Pictograph
Subcode "G" (The Philadelphia Fuel Gas Code)
Article G-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Fuel Gas Code"
Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   G-101   (IFGC) General.
   G-102   (IFGC) Inspections and Testing.
Subcode "M" (The Philadelphia Mechanical Code)
Article M-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Mechanical Code"
Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   M-101   General.
   M-102   Inspections and Testing.
Subcode "P" (The Philadelphia Plumbing Code)
Article P-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Plumbing Code"
Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   P-101   General.
   P-102   Inspections and Testing.
   P-103   Permits and Licenses.
   P-104   Temporary Equipment, Systems and Uses.
   P-105   Regulations.
   P-106   Plumbing Advisory Board.
Chapter 2 Definitions
   P-202   General Definitions.
Chapter 3 General Regulations
   P-301   General.
   P-304   Rodent Proofing.
   P-305   Protection of Pipes and Plumbing System Components.
   P-306   Trenching, Excavation and Backfill.
   P-308   Piping Support.
   P-309   Flood Hazard Resistance.
   P-311   Toilet Facilities of Workers.
   P-312   Tests and Inspections.
Chapter 4 Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture Fittings
   P-413   Floor and Trench Drains.
   P-424   Urinals.
Chapter 5 Water Heaters
   P-501   General.
   P-503   Connections.
Chapter 6 Water Supply and Distribution
   P-601   General.
   P-603   Water Service.
   P-604   Design of Building Water Supply System.
   P-605   Materials, Joints and Connections.
   P-606   Installation of the Building Water Distribution Supply System.
   P-607   Hot Water Supply System.
   P-608   Protection of Potable Water Supply.
   P-609   Health Care Plumbing.
   P-614   Private Water Infrastructure.
   P-615   Abandoned Water Supply System and Components.
Chapter 7 Sanitary Drainage
   P-701   General.
   P-702   Materials.
   P-703   Building Sewer.
   P-704   Drainage Piping Installation.
   P-705   Joints.
   P-708   Cleanouts.
   P-709   Fixture Units.
   P-710   Drainage System Sizing.
   P-712   Sumps and Ejectors.
   P-714   Backwater Valves.
   P-716   Replacement of Underground Building Sewers and Building Drains by Pipe-bursting Methods.
   P-717   Private Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure.
Chapter 8 Indirect/Special Waste
   P-802   Indirect Wastes.
   P-803   Special Wastes.
Chapter 9 Vents
   P-901   General.
   P-903   Vent Terminals.
   P-904   Outdoor Vent Extensions.
   P-905   Vent Connections and Grades.
   P-918   Air Admittance Valves.
   P-919   Philadelphia Single-Stack Waste & Vent System.
Chapter 10 Traps, Interceptors and Separators
   P-1002   Trap Requirements.
   P-1003   Interceptors and Separators.
Chapter 11 Storm Drainage
   P-1101   General.
   P-1102   Materials.
   P-1103   Traps.
   P-1106   Size of Conductors, Leader and Storm Drains.
   P-1107   Siphonnic Roof Drainage Systems.
   P-1109   Combined Sanitary and Storm Public Sewer.
   P-1113   Sumps and Pumping Systems.
   P-1114   Sustainable Green Roof Drainage Systems.
   P-1115   Private Storm Sewer Infrastructure.
Chapter 13 Nonpotable Water Systems
   P-1301   General.
   P-1302   On-site Nonpotable Water Reuse Systems.
   P-1303   Nonpotable Rainwater Collection and Distribution Systems.
   P-1304   Reclaimed Water Systems.
Chapter 14 Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Systems
Appendix E Sizing of Water Piping System
Subcode "PC" (The Philadelphia Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities)
Article PC-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Code Council (ICC) Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities"
Chapter 1 General Administrative Provisions
   PC-101   General.
Subcode "PM" (The Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code)
Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
Part 1 – Scope and Application
   PM-101   General.
   PM-102   Applicability.
Part 2 – Administration and Enforcement
   PM-103   [Reserved]
   PM-104   [Reserved]
   PM-105   [Reserved]
   PM-106   [Reserved]
   PM-107   [Reserved]
   PM-108   Unsafe Structures and Equipment.
   PM-109   Unfit Structures.
   PM-110   Imminently Dangerous Structures.
Chapter 2 Definitions
   PM-201   General.
   PM-202   General Definitions.
Chapter 3 General Requirements
   PM-301   General.
   PM-302   Exterior Property Areas.
   PM-303   Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.
   PM-304   Exterior Structure.
   PM-305   Interior Structure.
   PM-306   Component Serviceability.
   PM-307   Handrails and Guardrails.
   PM-308   Rubbish and Garbage.
   PM-309   Pest Elimination.
   PM-310   Bed Bug Elimination.
   PM-311   [Reserved]
   PM-312   Temporary Construction.
   PM-313   Private Parking Lots.
   PM-314   Piers and Other Waterfront Structures.
   PM-315   Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Buildings.
   PM-316   Periodic Inspection of Private Bridges.
Chapter 4 Light, Ventilation and Occupancy Limitations
   PM-401   General.
   PM-402   Light.
   PM-403   Ventilation.
   PM-404   Occupancy Limitations.
Chapter 5 Plumbing Facilities and Fixture Requirements
   PM-501   General.
   PM-502   Required Facilities.
   PM-503   Toilet Rooms.
   PM-504   Plumbing Systems and Fixtures.
   PM-505   Water System.
   PM-506   Sanitary Drainage System.
   PM-507   Storm Drainage.
Chapter 6 Mechanical and Electrical Requirements
   PM-601   General.
   PM-602   Heating Facilities.
   PM-603   Mechanical Equipment.
   PM-604   Electrical Facilities.
   PM-605   Electrical Equipment.
   PM-606   Elevators.
   PM-607   Duct Systems.
Chapter 7 Fire Safety Requirements
   PM-701   General.
   PM-702   Means of Egress.
   PM-703   Fire-resistance Ratings.
   PM-704   Fire Protection Systems.
   PM-705   Carbon Monoxide Alarms.
Chapter 8 Special Controls in Designated Areas
   PM-801   Legislative Purpose.
   PM-802   Definitions.
   PM-803   Designated Areas.
   PM-804   Building Standards Applicable to Designated Areas.
Chapter 9 Additional Special Requirements
   PM-901   Special Requirements for Vacant Properties; Blighting Problems.
   PM-902   Special Requirements for FVRP/LVCIPs.
   PM-903   Emergency Nuisance Abatement Program.
   PM-904   Chronic Non-Compliant Owner.
   PM-905   Building Manifest Requirement.
   PM-906   Necessary Urgent Repair Program
Chapter 10 Referenced Standards
Subcode "R" (The Philadelphia Residential Code)
Article R-1.0 Adoption of the "2018 International Residential Code"
Part I – Administrative
  Chapter 1 Scope and Administration
   R-R101   Title, Scope and Purpose.
Part III – Building Planning and Construction
  Chapter 3 Building Planning
   R301   Design Criteria.
   R302   Fire-Resistant Construction.
   R310   Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings.
   R311   Means of Egress.
   R313   Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.
   R314   Smoke Alarms.
   R322   Flood-Resistant Construction.
   R325   Mezzanines.
  Chapter 4 Floors
   R408   Under-Floor Space.
  Chapter 6 Wall Construction
   R602   Wood Wall Framing.
  Chapter 7 Wall Covering
   R702   Interior Covering.
   R703   Exterior Covering.
  Chapter 8 Roof-Ceiling Construction
   R806   Roof Ventilation.
  Chapter 9 Roof Assemblies
   R905   Requirements for Roof Coverings.
  Chapter 10 Chimneys and Fireplaces
   R1005   Factory-Built Chimneys
Part IV – Energy Conservation
  Chapter 11 [RE] Energy Efficiency
   N1101   General.
   N1102   Building Thermal Envelope.
   N1103   Systems.
   N1105   Simulated Performance Alternative (Performance).
   N1106   Energy Rating Index Compliance Alternative.
   N1108   Additions.
   N1109   Alterations.
Part V – Mechanical
  Chapter 13 General Mechanical System Requirements
   M1305   Appliance Access.
  Chapter 15 Exhaust Systems
   M1502   Clothes Dryer Exhaust.
  Chapter 20 Boilers and Water Heaters
   M2001   Boilers.
Part VII – Plumbing
Part VIII – Electrical
  Chapter 39 Power and Lighting Distribution
   E3901   Receptacle Outlets.



   See note at beginning of each subcode for a history of that subcode.