General Provisions
   157.001   Interpretation
   157.002   Scope
   157.003   Definitions
   157.004   Annexed territory
   157.005   Vacations of built-up land
   157.006   Establishment of use districts
   157.007   Application for special zoning
   157.008   Payment of required advertising costs
   157.009   Payment of costs required for permit or certificate
   157.010   Provisions declared to be minimum requirements
   157.011   Complaints regarding violations
   157.012   Remedies
Administration; General Provisions
   157.025   Duties of administrative official, Board of Adjustment, Town Council and courts on matters or appeal
   157.026   Amendments
   157.027   Administration and enforcement by Building Official; penalty
Planning and Zoning Board
   157.040   Creation of Board
   157.041   Organization and members
   157.042   Meetings; records
   157.043   Authority and duties of the Planning and Zoning Board
Board of Adjustment
   157.055   Establishment and procedure
   157.056   Proceedings
   157.057   Powers and duties
   157.058   Appeals from the Board of Adjustment
Permits and Certificate of Occupancy
   157.070   Building permits required
   157.071   Application for building permit
   157.072   Certificate of occupancy required
   157.073   Expiration of building permits
   157.074   Construction and use to be as provided in applications, plans, permits and certificates of occupancy
   157.075   Special inspector
   157.090   Intent
   157.091   Extension and enlargement
   157.092   Nonconforming lots of record
   157.093   Nonconforming uses of land
   157.094   Nonconforming structures
   157.095   Nonconforming uses of structures or of structures and premises in combination
   157.096   Abandonment
   157.097   Repairs and maintenance
   157.098   Special exceptions
   157.099   Temporary uses
   157.100   Adult entertainment establishments
   157.115   Conditional uses
   157.116   Procedure
   157.117   Limitations
   157.118   Protest by property owners
   157.119   Modification of district boundary changes
   157.120   Reconsideration of district boundary changes
   157.121   Procedures for quasi-judicial hearings; ex parte communications, site visits; receipt of expert opinion and review of mail and other communications
Site Development Plans
   157.135   Purpose and intent
   157.136   Definitions
   157.137   Applicability and developments requiring site plan review
   157.138   Fee
   157.139   Application requirements
   157.140   Sufficient application; review time; staff report
   157.141   Staff report; Planning Board review
   157.142   Duration of approved site plan; extension; phasing
   157.143   Modifications to a site or to an approved site plan
   157.144   Site standard variances
   157.145   Exceptions
   157.146   Appeals
   157.147   Enforcement
   157.148   Required improvements
   157.149   Applicability
   157.150   Site maintenance obligations
   157.151   Violation
Districts Generally
   157.165   Interpretation of district boundaries
   157.166   Application of district regulations
   157.167   Schedule of district regulations
R-A Residential Agricultural
   157.180   District and intent
R-1AAA Single-Family Residential
   157.195   District and intent
R-1AA Single-Family Residential
   157.210   District and intent
R-1A Single-Family Residential
   157.225   District and intent
R-2 One-, Two- and Multiple-Family Residential
   157.240   District and intent
R-3 Multiple-Family Residential
   157.255   District and intent
C-1 Neighborhood Commercial
   157.270   District and intent
C-2 General Commercial
   157.285   District and intent
C-P Commercial Parkway
   157.300   District and intent
M-1 Light Industrial
   157.315   District and intent
TR-1 Mobile Home Parks
   157.330   District and intent
TTP Travel Trailer Park
   157.360   Definitions
   157.361   Permitted uses
   157.362   Accessory uses
   157.363   Special exceptions
   157.364   (Reserved)
   157.365   Design standards for travel trailer parks
   157.366   Design requirements for travel trailer sites
   157.367   Provision of services in travel trailer parks
   157.368   Operation of travel trailer park
   157.369   Regulation of travel trailer parks
Adult Entertainment
   157.380   District and intent
   157.381   Principal uses and structures
   157.382   Location requirements for adult entertainment uses
   157.383   Accessory uses and structures
   157.384   Special exceptions
   157.385   Prohibited uses
   157.386   Lot and structure requirements
   157.387   Site plan required
   157.388   Buffering/screening requirements
   157.389   Variances and appeals
Government Managed Lands
   157.400   Purpose and intent
   157.401   Permitted principal uses
   157.402   Accessory uses
   157.403   Prohibited uses
   157.404   Height, yard and area requirements
   157.405   Special controls
Planned Developments; Generally
   157.420   Planned Commercial Developments; permitted
   157.421   Planned Industrial Developments; permitted
Supplementary District Regulations
   157.490   Building setback lines
   157.491   Erection of more than one principal structure on a lot
   157.492   Parcels of land divided by public right-of-way
   157.493   Yard encroachments
   157.494   Accessory structures
   157.495   Air conditioning units in residential districts
   157.496   Vision clearance at corners, curb cuts and railroad crossings
   157.497   (Reserved)
   157.498   Structures to have access
   157.499   Parking, storage or use of major recreational equipment
   157.500   Minimum width of courts
   157.501   Water areas
   157.502   Visual screens
   157.503   Buildings required
   157.504   Driveways and curb breaks in commercial districts
   157.505   Prohibited uses east of the eastern right-of-way line of U.S. Highway-1
   157.506   Riverfront breezeway/visual corridor
   157.507   Fences, walls and entranceways and related structures
   157.508   Vacation and short term rentals
   157.509   Additional yard requirements abutting residential areas
   157.510   Medical marijuana treatment center dispensing facilities
Off-Street Parking and Loading
   157.515   Definition
   157.516   Requirements for off-street parking
   157.517   Location of off-street parking spaces
   157.518   Requirements for off-street loading spaces
   157.519   Location and dimension of off-street loading space
Home Occupations
   157.530   Regulations
   157.531   Permit required
Telecommunications Towers and Antennas
   157.545   Purpose and intent
   157.546   Definitions
   157.547   Location priority
   157.548   Permitted uses
   157.549   Conditional use permit
   157.550   Development standards
   157.551   Permit application
   157.552   Administrative permit
   157.553   Abandonment of communication towers
   157.554   Towers allowed as permitted uses or special exceptions or conditional uses in the following zoning district classifications
   157.555   Expectations and applicability
   157.556   Town owned or government lands
   157.557   Fees
   157.558   Structural requirements
   157.559   Tower separation requirements
   157.560   Method of determining tower height
   157.561   Access
   157.562   Certifications and inspections
   157.999   Penalty