The Planning and Zoning Board shall have the following authority and duties:
   (A)   To act in an advisory capacity to the Town Council on questions relating to zoning, comprehensive planning and land use, and to conduct investigations on matters of proposals to change zoning and land development regulations and to report its findings and recommendations on the proposals to the Council;
   (B)   Recommend to the Town Council the amendments to any land development code as the Board may deem to be necessary in the promotion of the public health, safety, welfare, economic order, or aesthetics or necessary to clarify or to carry into effect the purposes of the land development codes or the town’s comprehensive plan; and
   (C)   (1)   Hear applications and submit recommendations to the Town Council on the following:
         (a)   Proposed change of the permitted use of any specifically designate property;
         (b)   Applications for conditional use;
         (c)   Proposed amendment to the zoning or land development codes;
         (d)   Proposed subdivision plats and subdivision variances;
         (e)   Review annexation requests;
         (f)   Site plan review;
         (g)   Telecommunication tower requests for site plan and conditional use;
         (h)   Vested rights petitions; and
         (i)   Adoption of and amendments to the city’s comprehensive plan.
      (2)   In connection with any recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Board, the Board shall include any conditions, requirements or limitations which the Board may believe to be necessary or desirable to protect adjacent properties and the surrounding neighborhood, or to promote the public health, safety, welfare, economic order or aesthetics or environment.
(2000 Code, § 66-74)  (Ord. 99-02, passed 3-23-1999)