(A)   The intent of this subchapter is to provide standards and regulations for the location of telecommunications antennas and towers in the town. These regulations and requirements are adopted with the intent and purpose of:
      (1)   Protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public;
      (2)   Of encouraging users of towers and antennas to locate them, to the extent possible, in areas where the adverse impact on the community is minimal;
      (3)   Of protecting residential areas, scenic roads, historical sites and other land uses from potential adverse impact of antennas and towers;
      (4)   To minimize adverse visual impact of antennas and towers through careful design, siting and landscaping;
      (5)   To encourage users of towers and antennas to configure them in a way that minimizes the adverse visual impact of the towers and antennas;
      (6)   To promote and strongly encourage shared use (collocation) of existing towers and antenna support structures as a primary option rather than construction of additional single-use towers;
      (7)   To avoid potential damage to property caused by antennas and towers by ensuring the structures are soundly and carefully designed, constructed, modified and maintained;
      (8)   To ensure that antennas and towers are compatible with surrounding land uses; and
      (9)   To enhance the ability of the providers of telecommunication services to provide the services to the community quickly, effectively and efficiently.
   (B)   The Town Council hereby finds and declares that the concept of the public welfare is broad and inclusive. The values it represents are spiritual as well as physical, aesthetic as well as monetary. It is within the power of this Town Council to determine that the community should be beautiful as well as healthy, spacious as well as clean, well balanced as well as carefully patrolled. All applicants for a special permit for telecommunication towers shall have the burden of demonstrating that the proposed placement of telecommunication towers and antennas is to the extent possible, consistent with the preservation of the aesthetics of the community.
(2000 Code, § 66-1029)  (Ord. 99-01, passed 3-23-1999)