All applications for building permits for any structure and its accessory buildings shall be accompanied by a scale drawing at a scale acceptable to the Building Official in duplicate showing the following:
   (A)   The actual dimensions and shape of the lot to be built upon, including the location and actual boundaries of abutting watercourses and water bodies;
   (B)   The exact sizes and locations on the lot of buildings already existing if any;
   (C)   The location and dimensions of the proposed buildings or alterations;
   (D)   The location and layout of the proposed sewage disposal system;
   (E)   When applicable, the required parking spaces, loading and unloading spaces, maneuvering space and openings for ingress and egress;
   (F)   When applicable, grading and drainage plans showing any and all cuts, fills and provisions for adequately carrying off surface water on premises plus provisions for any surface water that would naturally flow over or through the area, the plans to be reviewed and approved by the Town Engineer;
   (G)   Other information as lawfully may be required by the Building Official, including:
      (1)   Existing or proposed uses of the building and land;
      (2)   The number of families, housekeeping units or rental units the building is designed to accommodate;
      (3)   Conditions existing on the lot; and
      (4)   Other matters as may be necessary to determine conformance with and provide for the enforcement of this chapter.
   (H)   One copy of the plans shall be returned to the applicant by the Building Official after he or she shall have marked the copy either as approved or disapproved, attested by his or her signature on the copy. The original, similarly marked, shall be retained by the Building Official.
(2000 Code, § 66-118)  (Ord. 75-01, passed 7-14-1975)