(A)   It is recognized that different wireless telecommunication services and providers have distinct geographical areas in which they must be located to provide their service, but it is also recognized that there is usually some flexibility in the type of antenna and type of support structure on which the antenna is to be located. Therefore, all antennas and towers subject to this section shall to the extent possible be located in accordance with the following prioritization of types of facilities and sites.
   (B)   Priority of facilities or sites:
      (1)   Antennas on existing towers;
      (2)   Antennas on existing antenna support structures;
      (3)   Antennas on modified or reconstructed towers designed to accommodate the collocation of additional carriers;
      (4)   Towers and antennas on limited replacement/modified light standards, power poles or other the antenna support structures in a nonresidential zoning district; and
      (5)   New construction and new towers.
(2000 Code, § 66-1031)  (Ord. 99-01, passed 3-23-1999)