(A)   The provisions of the R-1AAA District are intended to apply to an area of estate-density single-family residential development. Large lot sizes and other restrictions are intended to promote and protect high-quality residential development.
   (B)   Permitted principal uses and structures are single-family dwellings.
   (C)   Permitted accessory uses and structures are:
      (1)   Noncommercial nurseries and greenhouses; and
      (2)   Customary accessory uses of a residential nature, clearly incidental and subordinate to the principal use, including garages, carports and the like, in keeping with the residential character of the district.
   (D)   Permitted conditional uses are:
      (1)   Public parks and recreational buildings;
      (2)   Golf courses and country clubs;
      (3)   Sewer lift stations; and
      (4)   Schools, churches, neighborhood libraries and community centers.
   (E)   Prohibited uses and structures are all uses not specifically or provisionally permitted in this division.
   (F)   Lot and structure requirements are:
Minimum lot area
12,000 square feet
Minimum lot width
100 feet
Minimum lot depth
120 feet
Maximum lot coverage
Minimum living area
1,600 square feet
Maximum height
25 feet
Minimum yard requirements
25 feet or average depth of existing front yards on developed lots within 100 feet each side, but not less than 35 feet
   Side interior lot
15 feet
   Side corner lot
25 feet
25 feet; 20 feet when abutting an alley
(2000 Code, § 66-291)  (Ord. 75-01, passed 7-14-1975; Ord. 99-02, passed 3-23-1999)  Penalty, see § 157.999