In any district in which dwelling units are permitted, notwithstanding limitations imposed by other provisions of this chapter, dwelling units and customary accessory buildings may be erected on any lot of record at the effective date of adoption or amendment of this chapter. The lot must be in separate ownership and not of continuous frontage with other lots in the same ownership. This provision shall apply even though the lot fails to meet the requirements for area or width, or both, that are generally applicable in the district, provided that yard dimensions and other requirements not involving area or width, or both, of the lot shall conform to the regulations for the district in which the lot is located. Variance of area, width or yard requirements shall be obtained only through action of the Board of Adjustment. If two or more lots or combinations of lots and portions of lots with continuous frontage in single ownership are of record at the time of passage or amendment of this chapter, the lands involved shall be considered to be an undivided lot for the purposes of this chapter; and no lot or portion of the lot shall be eligible for a development permit that does not meet lot width, depth and area requirements established by this chapter.
(2000 Code, § 66-143)  (Ord. 75-01, passed 7-14-1975; Ord. 2012-13, passed 9-25-2012)