(A)   For the purpose of classifying, regulating and restricting the location of trades and industries and the location of buildings designed for industry, business, residence and other uses, the town is divided into use districts and has set forth regulations in subsequent subchapters of this chapter.
      (1)   R-A Residential Agricultural;
      (2)   R-1AAA Single-Family Residential;
      (3)   R-1AA Single-Family Residential;
      (4)   R-1A Single-Family Residential;
      (5)   R-2 One-, Two- and Multiple-Family Residential;
      (6)   R-3 Multiple-Family Residential;
      (7)   C-1 Neighborhood Commercial;
      (8)   C-2 General Commercial;
      (9)   C-P Commercial Parkway;
      (10)   M-1 Light Industrial;
      (11)   TR-1 Mobile Home Parks;
      (12)   TRC-1 Mobile Home Cooperative;
      (13)   TTP Travel Trailer Park; and
      (14)   Adult Entertainment.
   (B)   The use districts referred to in division (A) above of this section are designated upon the official zoning map and expressly made a part of this chapter. No building shall be erected, nor shall buildings or premises be used for any purpose other than a purpose permitted by this chapter in the use district in which the building or premises are located. The designation of use districts and uses by letter symbols when used throughout this chapter and upon the zoning map shall have the same effect as if the full description of the districts was stated.
(2000 Code, § 66-248)  (Ord. 75-01, passed 7-14-1975)