(A)   A nonconforming use of a structure, a nonconforming use of land, or a nonconforming use of a structure and land shall not be extended or enlarged after July 14, 1975, by attachment on a building or premises of additional signs intended to be seen from off the premises, or by the addition of other uses of a nature that would be prohibited generally in the district involved; nor shall the use of the premises revert to a former use that is prohibited under this chapter.
   (B)   To avoid undue hardship, nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to require a change in the plan, construction or designated use of any building on which actual construction was lawfully begun prior to the effective date of adoption of this chapter.
   (C)   Actual construction includes the placing of construction materials in permanent position and fastened in a permanent manner.
   (D)   Where excavation or demolition or removal of an existing building has been substantially begun preparatory to rebuilding, the excavation or demolition or removal shall be deemed to be actual construction.
(2000 Code, § 66-142)  (Ord. 75-01, passed 7-14-1975)