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      I.   IN GENERAL
      IX.   RESERVED
      X.   RESERVED
      XI.   RESERVED
Charter reference:
   Authority of city to define, prohibit, abate, suppress and prevent all things detrimental to the health of the inhabitants of the city, see Ch. II, § 1
   Authority of city to make and enforce local police, health and sanitary regulations, see Ch. II, § 1
   Alcoholic beverages, see Ch. 4
   Ambulances/emergency medical services, see Ch. 5
   Animals and fowl, see Ch. 6
   Buildings and building regulations, see Ch. 7
   Emergency reporting equipment and procedures, see Ch. 12
   Fire prevention and protection, see Ch. 13
   Gas, see Ch. 15
   Nuisances, see App. B, §§ 11A-17 et seq.
   Plumbing, see Ch. 26
   Smoking, see Ch. 29.5
   Transportation of hazardous materials, see § 22-116
   Water and sewers, see Ch. 35
   Water safety, see §§ 18-36 et seq.
   Weeds and brush, see App. B, §§ 11A-8 et seq.
Statutory reference:
   Local public health reorganization act, see V.A.C.S. Article 4436b
Article I: In General
   16-1   Manufacturing establishments, requirements as to toilet facilities, safety devices, etc.
   16-2   Persons operating water supplies to furnish annual list of customers
   16-3   Collections of offensive substances within two hundred feet of wells
   16-4   Raw milk
   16-5—16-10   Reserved
   16-11   Samples of water
   16-12   Duty of police as to enforcement of chapter
   16-13   Public health service fees
   16-14   Applicability of service fees
   16-15   Penalty
   16-16—16-30   Reserved
Article II: Department of Public Health
   16-31   Established; supervision
   16-32   Director; qualifications; duties generally
   16-33   Selection of members of the department
   16-34   Powers and duties of officers generally
   16-35   Expenditure of money for public health programs through donations, grants or contracts
   16-36   Fees
   16-37—16-50   Reserved
Article III: Reserved
   16-51—16-100   Reserved
Article IV: Food Establishments
Division 1: General Provisions
   16-101   Definitions
   16-102   Purpose
   16-103   Administration
   16-104   Inspections
   16-105   Risk analysis
   16-106—16-110   Reserved
Division 2: Permits and Plans Review
   16-111   Food establishment permits—General requirements
   16-112   Classification of permits
   16-113   Permit denial, suspension and revocation
   16-114   Submission and review of plans
   16-115   Fees
   16-116   Prepermit requests for services
   16-117—16-120   Reserved
Division 3: Regulation of Sanitation
   16-121   State laws and regulations adopted
   16-122   Equipment and sanitary facilities
   16-123   Meat, poultry and fish
   16-124   Miscellaneous food protection requirements
   16-125   Roadside vending
   16-126—16-130   Reserved
Division 4: Requirements for Certain Establishments
   16-131   Mobile food units
   16-132   Reserved
   16-133   Catering services
   16-134   Bed and breakfast homes
   16-135   Farmers markets
   16-136—16-139   Reserved
Division 5: Food Managers and Food Handlers
   16-140   Food manager certification
   16-141   Food handler certification
   16-142   Fees
   16-143—16-145   Reserved
Division 6: Enforcement
   16-146   Enforcement options
   16-147   Criminal citation
   16-148   Emergency closure of a food establishment
   16-149   Reconsideration
   16-150   Hearings
   16-151   Nuisance
   16-152   Nuisance abatement
   16-153   Judicial remedies and penalties
   16-154—16-170   Reserved
Division 7: Pushcarts
Subdivision I: General Requirements for All Pushcarts
   16-171   Generally
   16-172   Permit requirements for all pushcarts
   16-173   Pushcart sanitation requirements
   16-174   Attention-getting devices
   16-175   Single service articles
   16-176   Commissary
   16-177   Servicing area
   16-178   Servicing operation
   16-179   Water system
   16-180   Waste retention
   16-181   Enforcement
   16-182   Appeal
Subdivision II: Requirements for Pushcarts that Operate Elsewhere Than in the Downtown Area
   16-183   Pushcart specifications
   16-184   Pushcart locations, hours, and products
   16-185   Flower pushcarts
Subdivision III: Special Requirements for Downtown Area Pushcarts
   16-186   Permits
   16-187   Downtown area hours of operation and location
   16-188   Slot permit fees
   16-189   Revocation of slot permit
   16-190—16-225   Reserved
Article IX: Reserved
   16-226—16-250   Reserved
Article X: Reserved
   16-251—16-265   Reserved
Article XI: Reserved
   16-266—16-280   Reserved
Article XII: Nuisances
   16-281—16-293   Reserved
   16-294   Depositing filth on public and private property
   16-295   Same—Duty of police
   16-296   Allowing slaughtered hogs, beeves, etc., to remain unclean
   16-297   Green or unsalted hides
   16-298   Rendering materials from dead animals
   16-299—16-307   Reserved
   16-308   Abatement—Ordering owner or occupant of premises to abate or remove
   16-309   Same—Failure of owner or occupant to obey orders, etc.; abatement by city; expense to be charged against owner and constitute lien
   16-310   Same—Statement of expenses to be forwarded to city attorney; collection
   16-311   Same—Right of owner to appear and show cause why order should not be complied with; extension of time
   16-312   Authority of director of public health in case of public epidemic
   16-313   Power of director of public health and his or her assistants to make arrests, administer oaths, enter premises, etc.
   16-314   Power of director of public health and assistants to require identification
   16-315—16-325   Reserved
Article XIII: Outdoors Public Gatherings
   16-326   Definition
   16-327   Toilet facilities
   16-328   Solid waste facilities
   16-329   Food sanitation
   16-330—16-345   Reserved
Article XIV: Miscellaneous Permits
   16-346   Definitions
   16-347   Permit required
   16-348   Application and issuance of permit
   16-349   Fees
   16-350   Submission and review of plans
   16-351   Criminal offense
   16-352   Prepermit request for service
   16-353—16-370   Reserved
Article XV: Ratproofing of Business Buildings
   16-371   Definitions
   16-372   New construction to be ratproofed
   16-373   Inspection of existing building; notice to ratproof
   16-374   Minimum requirements for rat stoppage
   16-375   Material and installation
   16-376   Protective coatings required
   16-377   Masonry or concrete exterior wall construction—Foundation and exterior wall openings
   16-378   Same—Doors
   16-379   Same—Windows and other openings
   16-380   Same—Pipes, wires and conduits
   16-381   Same—Light wells in sidewalks
   16-382   Wood frame exterior construction—When curtain walls required
   16-383   Same—Openings in ground floors
   16-384   Same—Wall openings, doors and windows
   16-385   Precautions against climbing or roof rat
   16-386   Construction of markets
   16-387   Business buildings
   16-388   Trapping
   16-389   Poisoning
   16-390   Accumulations of lumber, boxes, etc.
   16-391—16-405   Reserved
Article XVI: Vital Statistics
   16-406   City registrar of vital statistics designated
   16-407   Vital statistics fees
   16-408   Reserved
   16-409—16-419   Reserved
Article XVII: Day Care Centers
   16-420   Purpose
   16-421   Definitions
   16-422   Health department certificate of inspection; inspection and compliance
   16-423   Health department certificate of inspection application
   16-424   Health department certificate of inspection duration and renewal
   16-425   Conditions of a certificate of inspection
   16-426   Inspection fee
   16-427   Display of health department certificate of inspection
   16-428   Minimum requirements
   16-429   General facility design standards
   16-430   Interior design, activity areas
   16-431   Exterior premises
   16-432   Sanitation and hygiene standards for day care center personnel
   16-433   Food service requirements
   16-434   Animal care
   16-435   Child care worker certificate required
   16-436   Applicable building code permits
   16-437   Requirements for change of ownership of business
   16-438   Applicability of other city permits and certificates
   16-439   Enforcement
   16-440   Penalty for violations
   16-441—16-455   Reserved
Article XVIII: Public Swimming Pools and Spas
   16-456   Definitions
   16-457   Purpose
   16-458   Fees
   16-459   Swimming pool permit required
   16-460   Issuance of permit
   16-461   State standards adopted and applied
   16-462   Permit conditions
   16-463   Plans review; new and remodeled pools and spas
   16-464   Pre-operation inspection
   16-465   Nationally accredited or trained pool/spa operators
   16-466   Maintenance of pool/spa records
   16-467   Grounds for permit denial
   16-468   Grounds for suspension or revocation of permit
   16-469   Right of entry
   16-470   Inspection reports
   16-471   Closure order
   16-472   Hearings procedures
   16-473   Nuisance
   16-474   Penalties and enforcement
   16-475—16-499   Reserved
Article XIX: Recreational Aquatic Spray Grounds
   16-500   Purpose
   16-501   Definitions
   16-502   Permit required
   16-503   Technical standards
   16-504   Filing application for permit
   16-505   Fees
   16-506   Examination, water testing and maintenance of records
   16-507   Plans review
   16-508   Pre-operation inspection
   16-509   Right of entry
   16-510   Inspection reports
   16-511   Variance
   16-512   Waiver
   16-513   Issuance of permit
   16-514   Denial of permit
   16-515   Suspension or revocation of permit
   16-516   Closure order
   16-517   Hearings procedures
   16-518   Nuisance
   16-519   Penalties and enforcement