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Compare to:
   Buildings, see Ch. 7
   Cable television, see Ch. 8
   Department of transportation and public works, see §§ 2-146 et seq.
   Electricity, see Ch. 11
   Fire prevention and protection, see Ch. 13
   Licenses and miscellaneous business regulations, see Ch. 20
   Posting of handbills and signs in certain places prohibited, see §§ 23-14, 23-15
   Streets and sidewalks, see Ch. 30
   Subdivision ordinance, see Ch. 31
   Traffic-control devices, signs and signals, see §§ 22-36 et seq.
   Zoning regulations, see App. A
Editor’s note:
   Ord. 15953, § 1, adopted April 13, 2004, repealed former Ch. 29, in its entirety, and enacted provisions designated as a new Ch. 29 to read as herein set out in §§ 29-1 through 29-3. See the Code Comparative Table for a detailed analysis of inclusion.
   29-1   Sign code
   29-2   Effect of conflict with other ordinances
   29-3   Penalty for violation