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      I.   IN GENERAL
      V.   RESERVED
Charter reference:
   Authority to regulate and control use of streets and other public places, see Ch. II, § 1
   Department of transportation and public works, see §§ 2-146 et seq.
   Discharge of liquid waste on streets, etc., see App. B, § 11A-23
   Motor vehicles and traffic, see Ch. 22
   Subdivision ordinance, see Ch. 31
   Vehicles for hire, see Ch. 34
   Zoning regulations, see App. A
Statutory reference:
   Provisions authorizing cities to grant use of portions of streets and sidewalks for private purposes, see Tex. Transportation Code Ch. 316
   Provisions authorizing home rule cities to open, improve, control, regulate, etc., streets, sidewalks and public places generally, see Tex. Transportation Code Chs. 311 through 317
   Provisions in regard to streets, alleys and street improvements generally, see Tex. Transportation Code Chs. 311 through 317
   Street improvements generally, see Tex. Local Government Code Ch. 273
Article I: In General
   30-1   Construction or reconstruction of sidewalks, driveways, etc.; defective sidewalks, driveways, etc., declared nuisance; duty of owner or tenant to repair, upon notice; right to appeal
   30-2   Distributing, selling or soliciting on medians and traffic islands
   30-3   Displaying goods, wares, etc.
   30-4   Soliciting trade or patronage
   30-5   Obstructing free use of streets, sidewalks
   30-6   Obstructing entrances, alcoves, steps
   30-7   Solicitations
   30-8   Driving or riding on streets under repair
   30-9   Vehicles with lugs, cleats, etc., on paved streets
   30-10   Establishment of line and grade
   30-11   Supervision of work in changing grade
   30-12   Private use of streets and sidewalks
   30-13   Parkways established
   30-14   Painting house numbers on curbs or driveways—License and bond required; license fee; permission from property owners
   30-15   Same—Application; term, display and revocation of license; amount and term of bond; statement of qualifications
   30-16   Aggressive panhandling or solicitation
   30-17   Reserved
   30-18   Climbing utility poles
   30-19   Use of city rights-of-way for small cell infrastructure
   Appendix A:   Design Manual
   30-20—30-30   Reserved
Article II: Parkway Contractors
   30-31   Definition
   30-32   License; bond; permit
   30-33   License application; required information; conditions
   30-34   Work permit; certificate of compliance with specifications
   30-35—30-50   Reserved
Article III: Street and Storm Drain Contractors
   30-51   Definitions
   30-52   License; bond; permit—Required
   30-53   Same—License application; required information; conditions
   30-54   Same—Exceptions to license requirement
   30-55—30-65   Reserved
Article IV: Excavations and Obstructions
   30-66   Permit required to open
   30-67   Deposit required; refund procedure
   30-68   Restoration of surface; inspection
   30-69   Lights and barricades
   30-70   Only necessary material to be removed; exception
   30-71   Disposal of excavated material
   30-72   Condition re surplus material included in bond
   30-73   Erection of wire-bearing poles, etc.—Permit required
   30-74   Same—Submittal of plans, specifications; fee; permit issuance
   30-75   Temporary obstruction of public ways with building materials or rubbish
   30-76   Building extensions over streets and sidewalks
   30-76.1—30-76.10   Reserved
Article V: Reserved
   30-76.11—30-88   Reserved
Article VI: Valet Parking
   30-89   Definitions
   30-90   Purpose and applicability
   30-91   Valet parking license required; application; issuance; renewals
   30-92   Violations
   30-93   Fees
   30-94   Denial or revocation of valet parking license; temporary suspension
   30-95   Appeal of denial or revocation of a valet parking license
   30-96   Standards for operation of a valet parking service
   30-97   Valet parking service stands
   30-98   Location of a valet parking service
   30-99   Insurance
   30-100   Indemnification and hold harmless
   30-101   Signs and markings
Article VII: Newsracks
Division 1: Purpose
   30-102   Purpose
Division 2: Definitions
   30-103   Definitions
Division 3: Applicability
   30-104   Applicability
Division 4: Permits
   30-105   Permits
Division 5: Prohibited Locations
   30-106   Newsracks prohibited
Division 6: Reserved
Division 7: Location, Placement and Number
   30-107   Location, placement and number
Division 8: Lettering, Signs and Logos
   30-108   Lettering, signs and logos
Division 9: Standards for Maintenance and Installation
   30-109   Standards for maintenance and installation
Division 10: Seizure, Removal of Newsracks in Violation, Right to Hearing
   30-110   Seizure, removal of newsracks in violation, right to hearing
   30-111—30-150   Reserved
Article VIII: Transportation Impact Fees
Division 1: General Provisions
   30-151   Short title
   30-152   Purpose
   30-153   Authority
   30-154   Definitions
   30-155   Applicability
   30-156   Computation of maximum impact fees per service unit
   30-157   Use of proceeds of impact fee accounts
   30-158   Establishment of accounts
   30-159   Functions of capital improvements advisory committee for transportation impact fees
   30-160   Use of other financing mechanisms
   30-161   Impact fee as additional and supplemental regulation
   30-162—30-170   Reserved
Division 2: Assessment and Collection of Impact Fees
   30-171   Assessment and collection schedules for impact fees
   30-172   Assessment of impact fees
   30-173   Collection of impact fees
   30-174—30-180   Reserved
Division 3: Credits Against Impact Fees
   30-181   Credits against transportation impact fees
   30-182   Agreement for credits
   30-183—30-190   Reserved
Division 4: Update and Relief Procedures
   30-191   Updates to plans and revision of fees
   30-192   Appeals
   30-193   Refunds
   30-194   Rebates
   30-195   Waivers and exemptions
   30-196   Relief procedures
   30-197—30-200   Reserved
Division 5: Transportation Impact Fees
   30-201   Transportation service areas
   30-202   Transportation improvements plan
   30-203   Transportation impact fees