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Article I: Administration and Enforcement
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-1—12.5-99   Reserved
   12.5-100   Purpose
   12.5-101   Numbering system
   12.5-102   Short title
   12.5-103   Definitions
   12.5-104   Abbreviations
   12.5-105   Incorporation of federal and state statutes, rules and regulations
Division 2: Department of Environmental Management
   12.5-106   Creation of department of environmental management
   12.5-107   Authority of director of environmental management
   12.5-108—12.5-110   Reserved
Division 3: Enforcement
   12.5-111   Enforcement options
   12.5-112   Criminal citation
   12.5-113   Notice of violation
   12.5-114   Consent order
   12.5-115   Compliance order
   12.5-116   Show cause hearing
   12.5-117   Reserved
   12.5-118   Stop work order
   12.5-119   Reconsideration and hearing
   12.5-120   Nuisance abatement
   12.5-121   Right of entry
   12.5-122   Confidentiality of records
   12.5-123   Judicial remedies and penalties
   12.5-124—12.5-135   Reserved
Division 4: Environmental Use Agreements
Subdivision I: General Provisions
   12.5-136   Definitions
   12.5-137   Purpose
   12.5-138   Authority of city manager
   12.5-139   Minimum requirements for use agreements
   12.5-140   Priority of placement
   12.5-141—12.5-144   Reserved
Subdivision II: Sub-Surface Environmental Sampling
   12.5-145   Informal request for subsurface environmental sampling
   12.5-146   Formal request for subsurface environmental sampling
   12.5-147   Use agreement for subsurface environmental sampling
   12.5-148—12.5-154   Reserved
Subdivision III: Monitoring Wells
   12.5-155   Necessity of monitoring wells
   12.5-156   Informal request for monitoring wells
   12.5-157   Formal request for monitoring wells
   12.5-158   Use agreements for monitoring wells
   12.5-159—12.5-164   Reserved
Subdivision IV: Mitigation of Contaminated Soil
   12.5-165   Confirmation of contaminated soil
   12.5-166—12.5-199   Reserved
Article II: Air Quality
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-200   Definitions
   12.5-201   Purpose
   12.5-202   Authority of the director
   12.5-203   Right of entry
   12.5-204—12.5-209   Reserved
Division 2: Ambient Air and Emissions Standards
   12.5-210   Adoption of state regulations
   12.5-211   Nuisance
   12.5-212—12.5-299   Reserved
Article III: Stormwater Protection
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-300   Definitions
   12.5-301   Administration
   12.5-302   Discharge to MS4 prohibited
   12.5-303   Connection of sanitary sewer prohibited
   12.5-304   Nuisances
   12.5-305   Emergency suspension of utility service and MS4 access
   12.5-306   Non-emergency suspension of utility service and MS4 access
   12.5-307—12.5-314   Reserved
Division 2: Cosmetic Cleaning
   12.5-315   Permit and registration required
   12.5-316   Permit application procedures
   12.5-317   Issuance of permit and registration certificates
   12.5-318   Display of registration numbers and certificates
   12.5-319   Permit conditions
   12.5-320   Permit denial and revocation
   12.5-321   Nuisances
   12.5-322—12.5-329   Reserved
Division 3: Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity, Including Construction Activity
   12.5-330   Applicability
   12.5-331   Access to facilities
   12.5-332   Unpermitted discharges prohibited
   12.5-333   Submission of NOI to city
   12.5-334   Compliance with permit
   12.5-335   Modification of stormwater pollution prevention plans
Division 4: Municipal Drainage Utility System
   12.5-336   Definitions
   12.5-337   Findings; adoption of state law
   12.5-338   Service area
   12.5-339   Establishment of a drainage utility fee
   12.5-340   Categories of drainage utility rates
   12.5-341   Billing for drainage utility fee
   12.5-342   Drainage utility fund
   12.5-343   Administration; rules
   12.5-344   Appeal
   12.5-345   Hearings
   12.5-346   Exemptions
   12.5-347   No waiver of immunity
   12.5-348   Access to stormwater drainage infrastructure; hours of operation
Article IV: Groundwater and Surface Water Quality
Division 1: Enforcement of the Texas Water Quality Control Act
   12.5-400   Definitions
   12.5-401   Declaration of policy and purpose
   12.5-402   Authority of the director
   12.5-403   Inspection authority
   12.5-404   Nuisance
   12.5-405—12.5-410   Reserved
Division 2: Municipal Setting Designations
   12.5-411   Findings
   12.5-412   Definitions
   12.5-413   Use of groundwater in municipal setting designation as a potable water source prohibited
   12.5-414   Application for city council approval of municipal setting designation
   12.5-415   Staff review
   12.5-416   Director action following application review
   12.5-417   Notice of public meeting and public hearing
   12.5-418   Conduct of public meeting
   12.5-419   Conduct of public hearing
   12.5-420   Limitation on reapplication
   12.5-421   Additional requirements
   12.5-422—12.5-499   Reserved
Article V: Public Drinking Water
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-500   Definitions
   12.5-501   Purpose
   12.5-502   Drinking water facility standards
   12.5-503   City drinking water analysis
   12.5-504   Connection of private water supply to city system
   12.5-505—12.5-510   Reserved
Division 2: Protection of Lake Worth
   12.5-511   Authority of director
   12.5-512   Pollution of Lake Worth watershed
   12.5-513   Extended municipal court jurisdiction
   12.5-514   Nuisance
   12.5-515—12.5-524   Reserved
Division 3: Cross-Connection Control
Subdivision I: General Provisions
   12.5-525   Purpose
   12.5-526   Cost of compliance
   12.5-527   Responsibilities of owners and renters
   12.5-528   Backflow prevention assembly requirements
   12.5-529   Residential service connections
   12.5-530   Plumbing code
   12.5-531   Installation requirements
   12.5-532   Testing of assemblies
   12.5-533   Maintenance of assemblies
   12.5-534   Thermal expansion
   12.5-535   Pressure loss
   12.5-536   Mobile units
   12.5-537   Wholesale customers
   12.5-538   Right-of-way encroachment
   12.5-539—12.5-542   Reserved
Subdivision II: Cross-Connection Inspectors
   12.5-543   Certification of cross-connection inspectors
   12.5-544—12.5-547   Reserved
Subdivision III: Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers
   12.5-548   Required license for a backflow prevention assembly tester
   12.5-549   Required registration of a certified backflow prevention assembly tester
   12.5-550   Requirements to become a registered certified backflow prevention assembly tester
   12.5-551—12.5-554   Reserved
Subdivision IV: Installation Standards and Specifications
   12.5-555   Reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly (RP)
   12.5-556   Double check valve backflow prevention assembly (DC)
   12.5-557   Double detector check valve assembly (DDC)
   12.5-558   Pressure vacuum breaker (PVB)
   12.5-559   Atmospheric vacuum breaker (AVB)
   12.5-560   Air gap separation
   12.5-561   Fire systems
   12.5-562   Offense
   12.5-563—12.5-569   Reserved
Subdivision V: Enforcement
   12.5-570   Access to premises
   12.5-571   Emergency suspension of utility service
   12.5-572   Nonemergency termination of water supply
   12.5-573   Nuisance
   12.5-574—12.5-599   Reserved
Article VI: Industrial Wastewater
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-600   Definitions
   12.5-601   Purpose and policy
   12.5-602   Administration
   12.5-603   Fees
   12.5-604   Incorporation of EPA or TCEQ standards
   12.5-605—12.5-609   Reserved
Division 2: Discharge Prohibitions and Limitations
   12.5-610   Discharges to the City of Fort Worth Village Creek wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-610.1   Discharges to the Trinity River Authority central regional wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-610.2   Discharges to the Trinity River Authority Denton Creek wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-611   City’s right of revision
   12.5-612   Dilution
   12.5-613   Upset
   12.5-614   Bypass
   12.5-615—12.5-619   Reserved
Division 3: Pretreatment of Wastewater
   12.5-620   Pretreatment facilities
   12.5-621   Additional pretreatment measures
   12.5-622   Accidental discharge/slug control plans
   12.5-623   Hauled septage and industrial waste
   12.5-624—12.5-629   Reserved
Division 4: Wastewater Discharge Permit Application
   12.5-630   Wastewater analysis
   12.5-631   Wastewater discharge permit required
   12.5-632   Permit application process
   12.5-633   Signatories and certification
   12.5-634—12.5-638   Reserved
Division 5: Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance Process
   12.5-639   Wastewater discharge permit decisions
   12.5-640   Wastewater discharge permit duration
   12.5-641   Wastewater discharge permit contents
   12.5-642   Reserved
   12.5-643   Permit modification
   12.5-644   Permit transfer
   12.5-645   Grounds for permit denial or revocation
   12.5-646   Permit reissuance
   12.5-647   Regulation of wastes from other jurisdictions
   12.5-648   Extrajurisdictional users
   12.5-649—12.5-650   Reserved
Division 6: Reporting Requirements
   12.5-651   Baseline monitoring reports
   12.5-652   Compliance schedule progress reports
   12.5-653   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   12.5-654   Periodic compliance reports for facilities discharging to the City of Fort Worth Village Creek Wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-654.1   Periodic compliance reports for facilities discharging to the Trinity River Authority wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-655   Reports of changed conditions
   12.5-656   Reports of accidental discharges
   12.5-657   Reports from non-permitted users
   12.5-658   Notification of violation based on self-monitoring
   12.5-659   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
   12.5-660   Analytical requirements
   12.5-661   Sample collection
   12.5-662   Date reports deemed received
   12.5-663   Record keeping
   12.5-664—12.5-669   Reserved
Division 7: Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
   12.5-670   Inspection and sampling
   12.5-671   Publication of users in significant noncompliance for facilities discharging to the City of Fort Worth Village Creek wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-671.1   Publication of users in significant noncompliance for facilities discharging to the Trinity River Authority wastewater treatment facility
   12.5-672   Emergency suspension of water supply and/or discharge
   12.5-673   Non-emergency termination of water supply and/or discharge
   12.5-674   Performance bonds
   12.5-675   Liability insurance
   12.5-676   Additional criminal offenses
   12.5-677   Affirmative defenses to discharge violations for action in municipal or state court
   12.5-677.1   Affirmative defenses to upset only in federal court
   12.5-677.2   Other affirmative defenses to specific prohibited discharge standards only in federal court
   12.5-678   Nuisance
   12.5-679—12.5-699   Reserved
Article VII: Liquid Waste
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-700   Definitions
   12.5-701   Administration
   12.5-702   Purpose
   12.5-703   Disposal fee
   12.5-704   Reserved
Division 2: Generation, Transportation and Disposal
   12.5-705   Permit required
   12.5-706   Permit application procedures
   12.5-707   Issuance and display of permit
   12.5-708   Grounds for permit denial
   12.5-709   Permit conditions
   12.5-710   Permit modification
   12.5-711   Transporter responsibilities
   12.5-712   Suspension or revocation of permit
   12.5-713   Generator responsibilities
   12.5-714   Disposer responsibilities
   12.5-715   Additional permit holder responsibilities
   12.5-716   Previously issued permits
   12.5-717—12.5-729   Reserved
Division 3: Disposal Offenses
   12.5-730   Interference with grease trap, grit trap or sanitary sewer
   12.5-731   Bioremediation of grease traps
   12.5-731.1   Nuisances
   12.5-732   Cross-reference to other restrictions in this chapter
   12.5-733—12.5-799   Reserved
Article VIII: Solid Waste and Recycling
Division 1: General Provisions
   12.5-800   Definitions
   12.5-801   Administration and enforcement
   12.5-802   Operation of convenience centers
   12.5-803   Special waste not accepted
   12.5-804   Vehicles at convenience centers
   12.5-805   Assumption of risk of injury at convenience centers
   12.5-806   Waste containers required
   12.5-807—12.5-820   Reserved
Division 2: Household Collection
   12.5-821   City household collection service
   12.5-822   Preparation of household garbage and rubbish for collection
   12.5-822.1   Reserved
   12.5-823   Preparation of yard trimmings and small bundled brush for collection
   12.5-823.5   Preparation of brush for collection
   12.5-824   Preparation of recyclables for collection
   12.5-825   Placement of garbage, yard trimmings, small bundled brush, brush and recyclables for curbside city household collection service
   12.5-826   Placement of garbage and recyclables for carry-out city household collection service
   12.5-827   Maintenance and storage of carts
   12.5-828   Bulky waste collection
   12.5-829   Reserved
Division 3: Commercial Services
   12.5-830   Commercial collection service in carts
   12.5-831   Commercial waste containers
   12.5-832   Nuisance caused by commercial waste container
   12.5-833—12.5-839   Reserved
Division 4: Deposits, Rates and Collection
   12.5-840   Deposits
   12.5-841   Billing
   12.5-841.1   Residential collection fees
   12.5-841.2   Commercial garbage collection fees
   12.5-842   Delinquent accounts
   12.5-842.1   Appeal
   12.5-842.2   Hearings
   12.5-842.3   Continuation of water service during appeal
   12.5-842.4   Rights and remedies of the city
   12.5-843   Environmental protection fee
   12.5-844   Non city waste landfill environmental fee
   12.5-845—12.5-849   Reserved
Division 5: Private Collectors
   12.5-850   Agreement required
   12.5-851   Privilege agreement application
   12.5-852   Granting of privilege agreement
   12.5-853   Suspension or revocation
   12.5-854   Records and reports
   12.5-855   Penalties for violations
   12.5-856   Payment of fees/quarterly reports/annual report
   12.5-857   Solid waste vehicle hauling permit
   12.5-858   Hauling permit application
   12.5-859   Issuance of a hauling permit
   12.5-860   Display of hauling permit
   12.5-861   Hauling permit fees; terms
   12.5-862   Suspension or revocation of a hauling permit
   12.5-863   Penalties for violations
Article IX: Fill Material
Division 1: Definition of Fill Material
   12.5-864   Definition
Division 2: Registration, Notice and Placement of Sign
   12.5-865   Registration
   12.5-866   Notice
   12.5-867   Placement of sign
Division 3: Restrictions on Placement of Fill Material
   12.5-868   Height and slope restrictions
   12.5-869   Additional provisions
Division 4: Exemptions from Requirements of Division 2
   12.5-870   Exemptions
Division 5: Placement of Fill Material in Rights-of-Way
   12.5-871   Placement of fill material in existing or proposed rights-of way
Division 6: FEMA and Drainage Standards
   12.5-872   FEMA and city storm drainage standards
   12.5-873   Existing drainage pattern
Article X: Grading Permit
   12.5-874   Definition
   12.5-875   Construction of single-family and duplex homes; exemption from grading permits
   12.5-876   Grading permit required
   12.5-877   Application for a grading permit
   12.5-878   Conformance with stormwater management policies
   12.5-879   Early grading permit
   12.5-880   Final grading certificate
   12.5-881   Permit fees