(a)   No person known to be a thief or an associate of thieves, an habitual drunkard, a receiver of stolen property or incapable of keeping the records and making the reports provided for in this article shall be deemed to be a suitable person to receive a license as an auto salvage dealer, scrap iron and metal processor or recycler, secondhand dealer, junk dealer or pawnbroker.
   (b)   Any person, corporation, partnership, copartnership or firm to whom a license as such may have been granted may have his license suspended or revoked by the City Council at any time that the City Council may deem or determine that the licensee is not in compliance with § 12-56, or has been convicted of any violation of this article after reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard before such City Council or a hearing panel of the Council in accordance with the rules for hearings previously adopted by the Council.
   (c)   In case any person, corporation, partnership, copartnership, firm, or any clerk, agent, servant, or employee of the person, corporation, partnership, copartnership or firm shall be found guilty of violating §§ 12-64, 12-65 or 12-66 hereof or MCLA §§ 445.401 et seq. or MCLA §§ 446.201 et seq., in a court of competent jurisdiction, the license issued to such entity shall be deemed to be revoked ipso facto and such entity shall not be permitted to carry on such business within the City for a period of one year after such conviction.
(Ord. 426, passed 5-26-1941; Ord. 2945, passed 3-11-1985; Ord. 3575, passed 6-30-2004)