(a)   The fees for licenses issued under this division shall be as specified in Chapter 26.
   (b)   No person that is entirely devoted to charitable or religious purposes and whose entire income is devoted to charitable and religious purposes shall be subject to the fees prescribed for a license under this section. Such fees are hereby waived as to such person; provided, that as such person shall apply for and obtain a license as provided in this section.
   (c)   The fees for inspections required by § 12-56 of this chapter shall be included in the license fee specified in Chapter 26. The fees for inspections required by a violation of this article shall be charged in addition to those set forth above, and shall be double the amount set forth in Chapter 26 for any subsequent violations to cover the cost of follow-up inspections and reports required.
(Ord. 426, passed 5-26-1941; Ord. 1763, passed 4-20-1964; Ord. 2945, passed 3-11-1985)