For the purpose of this article, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this section.
   AUTO SALVAGE DEALER.  Any junk dealer engaged exclusively in the business of purchasing or receiving, wrecking or dismantling and the sale or exchange of motor vehicles for the purpose of salvaging parts or materials therefrom.
   AUTO SALVAGE YARD or SHOP.  Any place where an auto salvage dealer purchases or receives, wrecks, dismantles, sells or exchanges used motor vehicles or the parts or materials salvaged therefrom.
   COLLECTOR VEHICLE.  Any vehicle used for the collection, transportation or handling of junk or secondhand property, except not including a wrecker licensed pursuant to § 12-103 hereof.
   GOOD MORAL CHARACTER.  The propensity on the part of the person to serve the public in the licensed area in a fair, honest and open manner.
   GOODS. Any item not specifically covered by other definitions contained in this section.
   JUNK.  Any personal property which is or may be salvaged for reuse, resale, reduction or similar disposition, or which is possessed, transported, owned, collected, accumulated, dismantled or assorted for any of the aforesaid purposes. Without limiting the aforesaid definition of JUNK, the term shall include used or salvaged rope, bags, paper, rags, glass, rubber, wood pallets and similar articles of property and used motor vehicles or parts thereof which are used, owned or possessed for the purpose of wrecking or salvaging parts or materials therefrom.
   JUNK DEALER.  Any person whose principal business is buying, exchanging, collecting, receiving, storing, accumulating, selling or otherwise handling junk.
   JUNK YARD or JUNK SHOP.  Any place at which a junk dealer buys, exchanges, collects, receives, stores, accumulates, sells or otherwise handles junk.
   PAWNBROKER.  Any person who loans money on deposit or pledges of personal property, or other valuable thing, other than securities or printed evidence of indebtedness, or who deals in the purchasing or personal property or other valuable thing on condition of selling same back again at a stipulated price.
   PAWNSHOP.  Any place where a pawnbroker regularly conducts the business of being a pawnbroker.
   SCRAP IRON AND METAL PROCESSOR or RECYCLER.  Any junk dealer engaged exclusively in the business of purchasing or receiving scrap iron and metal (except scrapped motor vehicles not purchased from a licensed auto salvage dealer or junk dealer) and the storing, processing, recycling and sale or exchange thereof.
   SCRAP YARD.  Any place where a scrap iron and metal processor or recycler engages in the business of receiving, storing, processing or recycling scrap iron or metal.
   SECONDHAND PROPERTY.  Any household furniture, used wearing apparel, used lumber, used bricks, used tile, used plumbing fixtures, used electrical fixtures, used articles of precious metal, used jewelry, used electronic equipment, used tools, and any other used articles or personal property bought and sold by and from other than the original purchaser or user.
   SECONDHAND STORE.  Any place at which a secondhand dealer buys, exchanges, collects, receives, stores or sells secondhand property.
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