Every person licensed under this article shall post in a conspicuous place in or upon his shop, store, wagon, vehicle, barn or other place of business, a sign having his name and occupation legibly inscribed thereon, and shall keep a separate book, or electronic record, open to inspection by members of the police force, Sheriff’s office and other public officers, in which shall be written in the English language at the time of the purchase or exchange of such article or junk all information required under the applicable ordinances in this article and the following:
   (a)   A description of such articles or junk; including salvaged iron, aluminum, brass, lead, copper and other base metal and their compounds or combinations, the quantity and/or weight of such items;
   (b)   The name, description and residence of the person, including the driver’s license number and the vehicle license number or a non-driver’s license identification number, from whom the same was purchased and received; and
   (c)   The day and hour when the purchase or exchange was made.
(Ord. 426, passed 5-26-1941; Ord. 2945, passed 3-11-1985; Ord. 3581, passed 6-30-2004)