It shall be unlawful for any person to smoke or carry lighted tobacco in any form in any of the following areas:
   (a)   Any portions of a retail establishment where dry goods, fabrics or clothing are sold.
   (b)   Any public place, at a meeting of a public body and a state or local governmental agency, food service establishment or any nonsmoking area of a casino.
   (c)   Any passenger elevator used by the public. The owner or person in control of any building in which such an elevator is situated shall post signs clearly visible to all persons entering such elevator.
   (d)   Any hospital or nursing home.
   (e)   Any seating areas of theatres, motion picture theatres, music and concert halls and libraries.
   (f)   Any display areas of museums.
   (g)   Any area of a business establishment frequented by the public which has been designated by the owner or person in charge of such establishment and marked with a sign or signs.
   (h)   A publicly owned hospital campus and publicly owned property immediately adjacent to a publicly owned hospital campus, any health care facility or any children’s center.
   (i)   Smoking shall not be permitted on the following streets and sidewalks internal to the Hurley Medical Center Campus: Sixth Avenue from Grand Traverse Street to the Hurley Medical Center, Begole Street from Fifth Avenue to the Hurley Medical Center, Seventh Avenue from Grand Traverse to the Hurley Medical Center, and Patrick Street from Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue.
   (j)   Any hotels, motels and other lodging facilities.
   (k)   Failure to comply shall result in a fine of $25.00 for the first offense. The fine may be increased by an additional penalty of $25.00 for each subsequent offense.
(Ord. 2506, passed 7-28-1975; Ord. 3787, passed 1-10-2011)