Police officers and peace officers of said City may, and it shall be the duty of each of them, to arrest with or without process, any person found by them or either of them within the City, violating § 31-46 and may convey him or her to the common jail of the County, or some other place of confinement provided by the City till such person become sober, when the officer making such arrest shall take such person before the District Court of said City and if not already made, make a complaint against him or her for violation of that section. The keeper of said jail or place of confinement shall safely keep such person therein until taken away by the officer making the arrest, or by some other person having legal authority to remove him or her, until such person shall have remained in such jail or place of confinement 24 hours. Or should the arrest be made on Saturday or should Sunday or a legal holiday intervene, then until the hours of 12:00 of the day next thereafter upon which a Court may be legally held.
(Ord. 143, passed 5-31-1921)