(a)   The parent of any minor has a continuous responsibility to exercise reasonable control and supervision over the minor to prevent the minor from committing or participating in the commission of any delinquent act.
   (b)   The parental responsibility to exercise reasonable control includes the following duties, set forth for the purposes of illustration and not limitation:
      (1)   To keep drugs out of the home and out of the possession of the minor, except those drugs duly prescribed by a licensed physician or other authorized medical professional.
      (2)   To keep firearms out of the possession of the minor except those used for hunting in accordance with local ordinance and State law and with the knowledge and supervision of a parent.
      (3)   To know the curfew ordinance of the City of Flint and to require the minor to observe the curfew ordinance.
      (4)   To prevent the minor from maliciously or willfully damaging, defacing or destroying real or personal property belonging to others, including that belonging to the City of Flint.
      (5)   To prevent the minor from engaging in theft of property or keeping in his or her possession property known to be stolen.
(Ord. 3272, passed 3-14-1994)