(a)   All graffiti, including but not limited to writing, symbols, spray painting, drawings, or defacing of the exterior of any building or structure, shall be removed, covered or repainted by the building or property owner or occupant in such a manner as to render the graffiti unseeable within seven days after the building or structure was defaced.
   (b)   The removal or repair of the graffiti, or defacing shall restore the exterior of the building or structure as near as possible to its original condition or color.
   (c)   Upon the property or building owner’s or occupant’s failure to remove or correct the graffiti or defacing, in addition to the penalties contained in Chapter 1, §§ 1-10 through 1-21 herein, the City may remove or correct the defacing and the cost thereof shall be charged against the owner or occupant of the property and payment thereof shall be enforced as a special assessment as provided in the City Charter and Code of Ordinances.
   (d)   Each day that violation of this section continues to exist shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable as such.
(Ord. 3338, passed 9-23-1996; Ord. 3559, passed 6-9-2004)