§ 31-27.3.1  NOTICE OF VIOLATION OF § 31-27.3.
   Before a person can be arrested or charged with a violation of § 31-27.3 hereof, the Chief Legal Officer for the City of Flint shall notify the person in writing, not less than two (2) days before the person is to be arrested or charged, that the person is in possession of a specific material that has been determined by the Chief Legal Officer to be unlawful under the terms of § 31-27.3 hereof. The notice shall request that the person refrain from offering the material for sale, and shall further state that no arrest will be made or charges filed in the event that person complies with the notice. Compliance shall be complete defense to prosecution under § 31-27.3 so long as compliance continues.
(Ord. 3097, passed 4-24-1989)