§ 31-5.4.1  DEFINITIONS.
   ASSIGNED SCHOOL.  The location where a student is registered to attend, during compulsory school time when the class or activity is in session or the student is dealing with school business.
   AUTHORIZATION.  A permission slip given by a school authority to excuse a student from being in the usual assigned school location in accordance with school policy or a note from the parent or guardian giving permission for the student to be absent from school. The permission slip must be in the immediate possession of the student at all times when not at the assigned school location during school hours.
   COMPULSORY SCHOOL AGE MINOR.  A person not less than six (6) and under sixteen (16) years of age that is not exempted and must be attending a public or regularly established private school during the school year of the district in which the minor resides.
      (1)   A person who, under Court Order, is the guardian of the person or minor; or
      (2)   A public or private agency with whom a minor has been placed by Court action.
   MINOR.  Any unemancipated person under the age of seventeen (17) years of age.
   PARENT.  A person who is:
      (1)   A natural parent, adoptive parent or step-parent who has the responsibility for the health, welfare, care, maintenance and supervision of a minor; or
      (2)   Another person, at least eighteen (18) years of age and authorized by a parent or guardian to have the care and custody of a minor.
   REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS.  The hours of the full-time school that the minor would attend in the school district where the minor resides on any day that school is in session; or, if the school in the school district of residence is unknown, REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS are the school hours of the Flint Public School District, on any day that the school is in session.
   TRUANCY.  The act or condition of being absent from school without permission. An unapproved absence from school.
(Ord. 3687, passed 2-26-2007)