Chapter 7
*   Cross References: Beekeeping regulated, § 11-3; dance halls regulated, § 11-15; drinking establishments regulated, §§ 11-17, 11-18; filling stations prohibited on a portion of Congress Street, § 11-21; guest register required for hotels, rooming houses, motels, § 11-26; license and privilege taxes generally, ch. 19; bond required for transient merchants, § 19-27; planning and zoning generally, ch. 23.
Art. I.   Auctions and Auctioneers, §§ 7-1--7-25
Art. II.   Peddlers, §§ 7-26--7-61
Art. III.   Fortunetellers, §§ 7-62--7-79
Art. IV.   Going-Out-of-Business, Fire, Etc., Sales, §§ 7-80--7-96
Art. V.   Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers, §§ 7-97--7-116
Art. VI.   Escorts and Escort Bureaus, §§ 7-117--7-129
Art. VII.   Massage Establishments, §§ 7-130--7-159
Art. VIII.   Drive-In Restaurants, §§ 7-160--7-200
Art. IX.   Swap Meets, §§ 7-201--7-205.1
Art. X.   Adult Entertainment Enterprises and Establishments, §§ 7-206--7-218
Art. XI.   Reserved
Art. XII.   Adult Care Homes and Facilities, §§ 7-219--7-299
Art. XIII.   Street Fairs, §§ 7-300--7-310
Art. XIV.   Vending Machines, §§ 7-311--7-349
Art. XV.   Dance Halls, §§ 7-350--7-385
Art. XVI.   Community Special Event, §§ 7-386--7-409
Art. XVII.   Late Night Retail Establishments, §§ 7-410--7-424
Art. XVIII.   General Provisions, § 7-425
Art. XIX.   Tobacco Retail Establishments, §§ 7-426 – 7-434
Art. XX.   Hotels, §§ 7-440--7-448
Art. XXI.   Alarm Companies and Users, §§ 7-449--7-479
   Div. 1.  Alarm Company Licenses, §§ 7-449--7-464
   Div. 2.  Alarm User Registration and Fees, §§ 7-465--7-479
Art. XXII.   Merchants' Disclosure Requirements, §§ 7-480--7-489
Art. XXIII.   Ice Cream Truck Vendors, §§ 7-490--7-500
Art. XXIV.   Lessors of Commercial Real Property Disclosure Requirements, §§ 7-501--7-504
Art. XXV.   Pet Stores and Pet Dealers, § 7-505  – 7-509
Art. XXVI.   Third-Party Restaurant Delivery Services, §§ 7-510 – 7-513
Article I. Auctions and Auctioneers
Sec. 7-1.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-2.   Exemptions from article.
Sec. 7-3.   Application for auction house license.
Sec. 7-4.   Application for class B license.
Sec. 7-5.   Bond required for class B and auction house license.
Sec. 7-6.   Investigation of applications; issuance of licenses.
Sec. 7-7.   Notification to fire chief required of possession of hazardous substances; duty to update; hazardous substances defined.
Sec. 7-8.   Auction house or auction prohibited in connection with or on premises of wholesale or retail businesses; exception.
Sec. 7-9.   Sales of merchant's stock on hand--Duration; to be bona fide.
Sec. 7-10.   Same--Application.
Sec. 7-11.   "Capping", "boosting", false bidding prohibited.
Secs. 7-12--7-15.   Reserved.
Sec. 7-16.   Advertising.
Secs. 7-17--7-25.   Reserved.
Article II. Peddlers
Sec. 7-26.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-27.   License requirements.
Sec. 7-28.   Insurance.
Sec. 7-29.   Unlawful activities.
Sec. 7-30.   Setback requirements.
Sec. 7-31.   Operating before or after required closing time.
Sec. 7-32.   License revocation.
Sec. 7-33.   Violations and penalties.
Sec. 7-34.   Enforcement authority.
Sec. 7-35.   Jurisdiction of court.
Sec. 7-36.   Commencement of civil infraction proceedings.
Sec. 7-37.   Appeal of court decision.
Secs. 7-38--7-61.   Reserved.
Article III. Fortunetellers
Sec. 7-62.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-63.   Approval and license required.
Sec. 7-64.   Investigation of applicants; application for license; fee; issuance of license.
Sec. 7-65.   Revocation of license.
Sec. 7-66.   Persons regulated.
Sec. 7-67.   License required for each place of business; scope of licenses.
Sec. 7-68.   Transferability of licenses; fee.
Sec. 7-69.   Reserved.
Secs. 7-70--7-79.   Reserved.
Article IV. Going-Out-of-Business, Fire, Etc., Sales
Sec. 7-80.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-81.   Exemptions from article.
Sec. 7-82.   Permit required.
Sec. 7-83.   Application for permit; fee required.
Sec. 7-84.   Issuance, renewal, effect of permit.
Sec. 7-85.   Rules and regulations governing sales.
Sec. 7-86.   Disposal at auction; approval required.
Sec. 7-87.   Revocation of permit for violations.
Sec. 7-88.   Revocation procedure--Appeal.
Sec. 7-89.   Requirements for permittee sign.
Secs. 7-90--7-96.   Reserved.
Article V. Pawnbrokers and Secondhand Dealers
Sec. 7-97.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-98.   Duty to report receipt of articles to police.
Sec. 7-99.   Contents of report to police.
Sec. 7-100.   Form of reports; when due; imposition of fee.
Sec. 7-101.   Requirements; record of transactions; police department hold on property.
Sec. 7-102.   Prohibited acts.
Sec. 7-103.   Violations, penalties.
Sec. 7-104.   Scope.
Sec. 7-105.   Property included.
Sec. 7-106.   Initiation of petition.
Sec. 7-107.   Service of the petition; notice of hearing.
Sec. 7-108.   Claimant's rights.
Sec. 7-109.   Hearing officer.
Sec. 7-110.   Conduct of hearing.
Sec. 7-111.   Judicial review.
Sec. 7-112.   Release of property.
Sec. 7-113.   Limited effect of hearing officer decision.
Sec. 7-114.   Provisions severable.
Sec. 7-115.   Grounds for denial and revocation of license.
Sec. 7-116.   Revocation hearing.
Article VI. Escorts and Escort Bureaus
Sec. 7-117.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-118.   Licensing of escorts and escort bureaus required; unlawful acts.
Sec. 7-119.   License application--Required; fee.
Sec. 7-120.   Same--Contents.
Sec. 7-121.   Grounds for denial of license.
Sec. 7-122.   Place of business; license nontransferable.
Sec. 7-123.   Licensee records and reports required.
Sec. 7-124.   Revocation of license; grounds.
Sec. 7-125.   Procedure for revocation.
Sec. 7-126.   Penalty.
Secs. 7-127--7-129.   Reserved.
Article VII. Massage Establishments
Sec. 7-130.   Statement of intent.
Sec. 7-131.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-132.   Reserved.
Sec. 7-133.   Licensing of massage establishments required.
Sec. 7-134.   New license application; fee.
Sec. 7-135.   Same--Contents.
Sec. 7-136.   License application investigation.
Sec. 7-137.   Massage establishment license; inspections.
Sec. 7-138.   Massage therapist license; special requirements.
Sec. 7-139.   Criminal record as grounds for denial.
Sec. 7-140.   Display of license.
Sec. 7-141.   Change of location or employment.
Sec. 7-142.   Renewal.
Sec. 7-143.   Sale, transfer or expansion.
Sec. 7-144.   Other unlawful activities; general penalty.
Sec. 7-145.   Revocation of license; grounds.
Sec. 7-146.   Denial or revocation of license; appeal.
Sec. 7-147.   Applicability of regulations to existing businesses.
Sec. 7-148.   Reserved.
Sec. 7-149.   Reserved.
Sec. 7-150.   Finance director may formulate rules.
Sec. 7-151.   Administrative rules.
Secs. 7-152--7-159.   Reserved.
Article VIII. Drive-In Restaurants
Sec. 7-160.   Definitions and rules of construction.
Sec. 7-161.   License required.
Sec. 7-162.   Application for license required; form and contents.
Sec. 7-163.   Plat or drawing to accompany application.
Sec. 7-164.   Application fee.
Sec. 7-165.   Bond or liability insurance required.
Sec. 7-166.   Standards for issuing license.
Sec. 7-167.   Duration, scope, transfer of licenses.
Sec. 7-168.   Compliance with article required.
Sec. 7-169.   Licensee to maintain quiet and good order.
Sec. 7-170.   Noise, other disturbances by patrons prohibited.
Sec. 7-171.   Refuse, waste to be placed in containers; littering prohibited.
Sec. 7-172.   General cleanliness of premises; refuse containers required; disposal of refuse by licensee.
Sec. 7-173.   Sales from windows, other openings.
Sec. 7-174.   Access required.
Sec. 7-175.   Illumination required.
Sec. 7-176.   Paving or treatment of parking area.
Sec. 7-177.   Barrier or walls required.
Sec. 7-178.   License additional to other licenses.
Sec. 7-179.   Revocation of license authorized; grounds.
Sec. 7-180.   Procedure for license revocation.
Secs. 7-181--7-200.   Reserved.
Article IX. Swap Meets
Sec. 7-201.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-202.   Unlawful practices of swap meet proprietor.
Sec. 7-202.1.   Swap meet proprietor license application.
Sec. 7-203.   Unlawful practices of swap meet vendor.
Sec. 7-204.   Regulations.
Sec. 7-205.   Administration.
Sec. 7-205.1.   Penalty.
Article X. Adult Entertainment Enterprises and Establishments
Sec. 7-206.   Purpose and intent.
Sec. 7-207.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-208.   Exempt activities.
Sec. 7-209.   Licensing required; expiration; annual renewal; unlawful acts.
Sec. 7-210.   License application procedure and fees; renewal procedure and fees; hearing; appeal.
Sec. 7-211.   License application procedure; renewal; contents.
Sec. 7-212.   Grounds for denial of license.
Sec. 7-213.   Place of business, license nontransferable, available for inspection, spacing requirements set, exemption.
Sec. 7-214.   Licensee records and reports required.
Sec. 7-215.   Revocation of license; grounds.
Sec. 7-216.   Revocation hearing.
Sec. 7-217.   Unlawful activities; posting required.
Sec. 7-218.   Minimum mandatory penalties, subsequent convictions.
Article XI. Reserved
Article XII. Adult Care Homes and Facilities
Sec. 7-219.   License for adult care homes and adult care facility required.
Sec. 7-220.   Adult care license application; information required.
Sec. 7-221.   Adult care license; inspection required.
Sec. 7-222.   Adult care license; special requirements.
Sec. 7-223.   Annual fee.
Sec. 7-224.   Violations declared a civil infraction.
Secs. 7-225--7-299.   Reserved.
Article XIII. Street Fairs
Sec. 7-300.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-301.   Street fair vendors.
Sec. 7-302.   Animals prohibited; exceptions.
Sec. 7-303.   Violation; penalties.
Sec. 7-304--7-310.   Reserved.
Article XIV. Vending Machines
Sec. 7-311.   License and registration required.
Sec. 7-312.   Gambling devices not permitted.
Sec. 7-313.   Application for license and registration.
Sec. 7-314.   Application fee.
Sec. 7-315.   Investigation.
Sec. 7-316.   Identification marks and numbers.
Sec. 7-317.   Seizure of machines.
Sec. 7-318.   Revocation of license.
Sec. 7-319.   Merchandise vending devices exempted.
Secs. 7-320--7-349.   Reserved.
Article XV. Dance Halls
Sec. 7-350.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-351.   License required.
Sec. 7-352.   License application.
Sec. 7-353.   Types of licenses; fees.
Sec. 7-354.   Grounds for denial of license.
Sec. 7-355.   Place of business; license non-transferable, available for inspection; license posted.
Sec. 7-356.   Revocation of license; grounds.
Sec. 7-357.   Revocation hearing.
Sec. 7-358.   Age restrictions.
Sec. 7-359.   Location supervisors.
Sec. 7-360.   Notification of hours of operation; prohibited operation during certain hours.
Sec. 7-361.   Liquor establishments; cigarette machines and sales.
Sec. 7-362.   Prohibited activities.
Sec. 7-363.   Additional responsibilities; responsibility for patron conduct.
Sec. 7-364.   Penalty; violation declared a nuisance; assessment of administrative charge.
Sec. 7-365.   After hours operation.
Sec. 7-366.   Authority of the chief of police; security; closure of operations.
Sec. 7-367.   Provisions severable.
Secs. 7-368--7-400.   Reserved.
Article XVI. Community Special Events
Sec. 7-401.   Regulated.
Secs. 7-402--7-409.   Reserved.
Article XVII. Late Night Retail Establishments
Sec. 7-410.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-411.   Required interior safety and security measures; deadline for compliance.
Sec. 7-412.   Required exterior lighting; deadline for compliance.
Sec. 7-413.   Non-compliance unlawful; two or more violations good cause for revocation of occupational license.
Sec. 7-414.   Promulgation of regulations.
Secs. 7-415--7-424.   Reserved.
Art. XVIII. General Provisions
Sec. 7-425.   Fingerprinting procedures.
Article XIX. Tobacco Retail Establishments
Sec. 7-426.   Purpose and intent.
Sec. 7-427.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-428.   Tobacco retailing – Generally.
Sec. 7-429.   Accessibility of tobacco products.
Sec. 7-430.   Minimum legal sales age for tobacco products.
Sec. 7-431.   Signage.
Sec. 7-432.   Violation – Penalty.
Sec. 7-433.   Applicability of other laws.
Sec. 7-434.   Hearing upon suspension or revocation by the department.
Secs. 7-435 – 7-439.  Reserved.
Article XX. Hotels
Sec. 7-440.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-441.   Guest register required; guest identification required.
Sec. 7-442.   Limitation on consecutive rentals.
Sec. 7-443.   Notification to licensee of violation by employee.
Sec. 7-444.   Suspension of business license; grounds; penalties.
Sec. 7-445.   Hearing upon suspension.
Sec. 7-446.   Operating on a suspended license.
Secs. 7-447--7-448.   Reserved.
Article XXI. Alarm Companies and Users
Division 1.  Alarm Company Licenses
Sec. 7-449.   Applicability.
Sec. 7-450.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-451.   License required.
Sec. 7-452.   Types of licenses; reciprocity.
Sec. 7-453.   Alarm business license applications; contents.
Sec. 7-454.   Alarm agent license applications.
Sec. 7-455.   Background investigation; fingerprints.
Sec. 7-456.   Fees; display of licenses.
Sec. 7-457.   Renewal of license.
Sec. 7-458.   Issuance; grounds for denial; petition for review.
Sec. 7-459.   Suspension or revocation; grounds.
Sec. 7-460.   Suspension or revocation procedure; hearing.
Sec. 7-461.   Suspension or revocation; notice to reciprocal licensors.
Sec. 7-462.   Application after denial, suspension or revocation of license.
Sec. 7-463.   Termination and cancellation of license; notice.
Sec. 7-464.   Violation.
Division 2.  Alarm User Registration and Fees
Sec. 7-465.   Alarm administration.
Sec. 7-466.   Alarm business duties.
Sec. 7-467.   Alarm user's and proprietor alarm owner duties.
Sec. 7-468.   Activation for unauthorized purposes.
Sec. 7-469.   Shutting off after sounding alarm.
Sec. 7-470.   Automatic or prerecorded messages or signals.
Sec. 7-471.   Confidentiality.
Sec. 7-472.   Government immunity
Sec. 7-473.   Grace period.
Sec. 7-474.   Alarm user registration.
Sec. 7-475.   Excessive false alarms/failure to register.
Sec. 7-476.   Assessment petition.
Sec. 7-477.   Suspension of response.
Sec. 7-478.   Reinstatement.
Sec. 7-479.   Alarm user awareness class.
Article XXII. Merchants' Disclosure Requirements
Sec. 7-480.   Requiring merchants to make certain disclosures related to the sale of motorized skateboards and motorized play vehicles; penalty.
Sec. 7-481.   Requiring merchants to make certain disclosures related to the sale of motorized bicycles or tricycles; penalty.
Secs. 7-482--7-489.   Reserved.
Article XXIII. Ice Cream Truck Vendors
Sec. 7-490.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-491.   License requirements and application procedures.
Sec. 7-492.   Appeal procedures.
Sec. 7-493.   Display of license.
Sec. 7-494.   Penalties.
Sec. 7-495.   Separate license required to operate in city parks and other city property.
Secs. 7-496--7-500.   Reserved.
Article XXIV. Lessors of Commercial Real Property Disclosure Requirements
Sec. 7-501.   Definitions.
Sec. 7-502.   Disclosure required.
Sec. 7-503.   Exemptions.
Sec. 7-504.   Violation declared a civil infraction.
Article XXV.  Pet Stores and Pet Dealers
Sec. 7-505.   Pet stores and pet dealers; definitions; prohibitions on dog and cat purchases; recordkeeping; and penalties.
Secs. 7-506 – 7-509.   Reserved.
Article XXVI.  Third-Party Restaurant Delivery Services
Sec. 7-510.    Definitions.
Sec. 7-511.    Advertisement of services or delivery for non-partnered restaurants prohibited.
Sec. 7-512.    Commission fees not to exceed 15% during time of declared emergency; exclusion of certain restaurants.
Sec. 7-513.    Penalties.