Sec. 7-3. Application for auction house license.
Each applicant for an auction house license shall specify the location to the place of business in the city where the applicant proposes to conduct the auction house. The application must be accompanied by a bond, in the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) to be conditioned and in the form as provided in section 7-5. The application shall be signed and verified by the applicant and shall specify his name and address, the length of his residence in the city, the location of his last place of business, and the name and character of such business, and the length of time he was engaged therein, and the names and addresses of three (3) persons residing within the city as references. An application for a license hereunder shall be accompanied by a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00). A single auction house license shall cover auctions conducted by auctioneer house licensees at various locations throughout the city.
(1953 Code, ch. 5, § 2; Ord. No. 7434, § 1, 6-18-90)