Chapter 6
*   Charter References: General authority over buildings, plumbing and electricity, ch. VII, § 1(12).
   Cross References: Building safety division created under administration of chief inspector, § 2-5; advertising and outdoor signs generally, ch. 3; fire protection and prevention, ch. 13; privilege tax on construction contracting, §§ 19-415--19-418; planning and zoning, ch. 23; sewerage and sewage disposal, ch. 24.
Art. I.   In General, §§ 6-1--6-9
Art. II.   Tucson-Pima County Joint Consolidated Code Committee, §§ 6-10--6-30
Art. III.   Buildings, §§ 6-31--6-80
   Div. 1. Building Code, §§ 6-29--6-65
   Div. 2. Existing Building Code, §§ 6-66--6-70
   Div. 3. Reserved, §§ 6-71--6-80
Art. IV.   Electricity, §§ 6-81--6-120
   Div. 1. Electrical Code, §§ 6-81--6-100
   Div. 2. Outdoor Lighting Code, §§ 6-101--6-120
Art. V.   Plumbing Code, §§ 6-121--6-159
Art. VI.   Mechanical Code, §§ 6-160--6-170
Art. VII.   Solar System Code, §§ 6-171--6-180
Art. VIII.   Rainwater Collection and Distribution Requirements, §§ 6-181--6-190
Art. IX.   Swimming Pool and Spa Code, §§ 6-191--6-193
Article I. In General
Sec. 6-1.   Reserved.
Sec. 6-2.   Clerk to keep copies of Administrative Code.
Sec. 6-3.   Amendments of Administrative Code.
Sec. 6-4.   Reserved.
Sec. 6-5.   Violation.
Sec. 6-6.   Records of applications, permits, inspections required.
Secs. 6-7--6-9.   Reserved.
Article II. Tucson-Pima County Joint Consolidated Code Committee
Sec. 6-10.   Created; qualifications; appointment, term of members.
Sec. 6-11.   Purpose and functions.
Sec. 6-12.   Purposes; created; qualifications; appointment, term of members.
Sec. 6-13.   Authority to regulate hearings and investigations; regulations to be filed; distribution of decisions.
Sec. 6-14.   Vote required for decisions; quorum.
Sec. 6-15.   Provision for building innovations.
Sec. 6-16.   Appointment, powers, duties of secretary to board.
Sec. 6-17.   Procedure for appeals to board; meetings; effect of decisions.
Sec. 6-18.   Reference to "board of examiners and appeals" to mean "board of appeals."
Secs. 6-19--6-28.   Reserved.
Article III. Buildings
Division 1. Building Code
Secs. 6-29, 6-30. Reserved.
Sec. 6-31.   Office of building inspection supervisor established.
Sec. 6-32.   Qualifications; assistants.
Sec. 6-33.   General duties.
Sec. 6-34.   Building code adopted.
Sec. 6-35.   Clerk to keep copies of building code.
Sec. 6-36.   Amendments to building code.
Sec. 6-37.   Applicability of administrative and building codes.
Sec. 6-38.   Residential code adopted.
Sec. 6-39.   Reserved.
Sec. 6-40.   Energy conservation code adopted.
Secs. 6-41--6-65.   Reserved.
Division 2. Existing Building Code
Sec. 6-66.   Existing building code adopted.
Secs. 6-67--6-70.   Reserved.
Division 3. Reserved
Secs. 6-71--6-80.   Reserved.
Article IV. Electricity
Division 1. Electrical Code
Sec. 6-81.   Electrical inspection supervisor--Office created.
Sec. 6-82.   Same--Qualifications; assistants.
Sec. 6-83.   Same--General duties.
Sec. 6-84.   Electrical code adopted.
Sec. 6-85.   Clerk to keep copies of electrical code.
Sec. 6-86.   Amendments to the electrical code.
Sec. 6-87.   Reserved.
Secs. 6-88--6-100.   Reserved.
Division 2. Outdoor Lighting Code
Sec. 6-101.   Outdoor lighting code adopted.
Sec. 6-102.   Clerk to keep copies of outdoor lighting code.
Sec. 6-103.   Amendments to outdoor lighting code.
Sec. 6-104.   Penalty.
Secs. 6-105--6-120.   Reserved.
Article V. Plumbing Code
Sec. 6-121.   Office of plumbing inspector established.
Sec. 6-122.   Qualifications of inspectors.
Sec. 6-123.   General duties of inspectors.
Sec. 6-124.   Plumbing code adopted.
Sec. 6-125.   Clerk to keep copies of plumbing code.
Sec. 6-126.   Amendments of plumbing code.
Secs. 6-127--6-159.   Reserved.
Article VI. Mechanical Code
Sec. 6-160.   Reserved.
Sec. 6-161.   Office of mechanical inspection supervisor established.
Sec. 6-162.   Qualifications; assistants.
Sec. 6-163.   General duties.
Sec. 6-164.   Mechanical code adopted.
Sec. 6-165.   Clerk to keep copies of mechanical code.
Sec. 6-166.   Amendments of the mechanical code.
Sec. 6-167.   Fuel gas code adopted.
Secs. 6-168--6-170.   Reserved.
Article VII. Solar System Code
Sec. 6-171.   Solar system code adopted.
Sec. 6-172.   Clerk to keep copies of the solar system code.
Sec. 6-173.   Amendments to the solar system code.
Sec. 6-174.   Reserved.
Secs. 6-175--6-180.   Reserved.
Article VIII. Rainwater Collection and Distribution Requirements
Sec. 6-181.   Definitions.
Sec. 6-182.   Rainwater harvesting plan.
Sec. 6-183.   Construction of rainwater harvesting system; minimum landscape budget requirements; request for rainwater harvesting plan revision.
Sec. 6-184.   Restrictions on installation of rainwater harvesting system invalid.
Sec. 6-185.   Exceptions.
Sec. 6-186.   Annual report.
Sec. 6-187.   Violation.
Sec. 6-188.   Applicability.
Secs. 6-189, 6-190. Reserved.
Article IX. Swimming Pool and Spa Code
Sec. 6-191.   Swimming pool and spa code adopted.
Sec. 6-192.   Clerk to keep copies of the swimming pool and spa code.
Sec. 6-193.   Amendments to the swimming pool and spa code.