Chapter 5
*   Cross References: Traffic regulations, ch. 20.
   State Law References: Traffic regulations applicable to bicycles, A.R.S. §§ 28-811--28-817; municipal authority to regulate bicycles, A.R.S. § 28-627(A)(8).
Art. I.   In General, §§ 5-1--5-3
Art. II.   Motorized Bicycle or Tricycle, §§ 5-4--5-11
Art. III.   Electric Bicycles, §§ 5-12—5-14
Art. IV.   Shared Mobility Devices, §§ 5-15—5-23
Article I. In General
Sec. 5-1.   Parking of bicycles.
Sec. 5-2.   Riding on sidewalks and pedestrian paths, and through underpasses; yielding the right of way and passing or overtaking.
Sec. 5-2.1.   Postal employees and law enforcement officers exempt from certain riding and parking provisions.
Sec. 5-3.   Enforcement.
Article II. Motorized Bicycle or Tricycle
Sec. 5-4.   Regulating motorized bicycle or tricycle; purpose and intent.
Sec. 5-5.   Definition.
Sec. 5-6.   Applicability of traffic laws.
Sec. 5-7.   Prohibited operation.
Sec. 5-8.   Helmet use requirement.
Sec. 5-9.   Nighttime use requirements.
Sec. 5-10.   Responsibilities of parents, guardians, and legal custodians.
Sec. 5-11.   Violation declared a civil traffic violation.
Article III. Electric Bicycles
Sec. 5-12.   Definition.
Sec. 5-13.   Applicability of traffic laws; specific rules for electric bicycles.
Sec. 5-14.   Violation declared a civil traffic violation.
Article IV. Shared Mobility Devices
Sec. 5-15.   Purpose and intent.
Sec. 5-16.    Definitions.
Sec. 5-17.   Shared mobility prohibition without permit.
Sec. 5-18.   Rules and regulations.
Sec. 5-19.   Violations and penalties.
Sec. 5-20.   Enforcement authority.
Sec. 5-21.   Jurisdiction of court.
Sec. 5-22.   Commencement of proceedings.
Sec. 5-23.   Appeal of court decision.