Chapter 24
*   Editors Note: Ord. No. 4207, § 1, adopted July 8, 1974, amended this Code by repealing former ch. 24, §§ 24-1--24-4, 24-7 and 24-8, and enacting in lieu thereof new ch. 24, §§ 24-1--24-8, pertaining to the same general subject matter. Former ch. 24 was derived from 1953 Code, ch. 23, § 7; Ord. No. 2139, §§ 1--3, adopted Mar. 6, 1961; Ord. No. 3456, § 1, adopted May 25, 1970; and Ord. No. 3488, § 1, adopted July 21, 1970.
   Editors Note: Resolution No. 10860, adopted June 26, 1979, approved the execution of the Intergovernmental Agreement with Pima County, Arizona, that transferred all of the ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the City of Tucson sewer system to Pima County, Arizona, and superseded the provisions of this Chapter for the duration of the Intergovernmental Agreement.
   Cross References: Plumbing regulations generally, § 6-121 et seq.; obstructing or depositing offensive matter in waters and natural drainage channels, §§ 11-58 et seq.; excavations, § 25-13 et seq.; obstructing water flow in streets, gutters or conduits, § 25-52; water, ch. 27.
Art. I.   General and Administrative, §§ 24-1--24-3
Art. II.   Connection Fees, §§ 24-4--24-19
Art. III.   User Fees, §§ 24-20--24-39
Art. IV.   Industrial Waste Control and Industrial Cost Recovery Program, §§ 24-40--24-53
Article I. General and Administrative
Sec. 24-1.   Definition of terms.
Sec. 24-2.   General considerations.
Sec. 24-3.   Application for approval to construct sewerage systems, extensions or waste treatment works.
Article II. Connection Fees
Sec. 24-4.   Fees for connection to sanitary sewers.
Sec. 24-5.   Construction of sewer systems under private contract authorized.
Sec. 24-6.   Provision for refund of cost of sewers installed by private contract under certain conditions authorized.
Sec. 24-7.   Permits for temporary installations for areas not contiguous to sewers.
Sec. 24-8.   Failure to obtain permits and approvals as required.
Secs. 24-9--24-19.   Reserved.
Article III. User Fees
Sec. 24-20.   Definition of terms.
Sec. 24-21.   User fees.
Sec. 2422.   Review of established fees; powers of the director.
Sec. 24-23.   Minimum and maximum sewer user fees.
Sec. 24-24.   Setting of fee.
Sec. 24-25.   Private wells and private water companies.
Sec. 24-26.   Sales taxes; business privilege taxes; in-lieu-of-franchise taxes.
Sec. 24-27.   Billing.
Sec. 24-28.   Deposits.
Sec. 24-29.   Use of fund revenues.
Sec. 24-30.   When and where bills are due and payable.
Sec. 24-31.   User fees and water charges; application of payment.
Sec. 24-32.   Enforcement.
Secs. 24-33--24-39.   Reserved.
Article IV. Industrial Waste Control and Industrial Cost Recovery Program
Sec. 24-40.   Definitions of terms.
Sec. 24-41.   Rules and regulations.
Sec. 24-42.   Permit for industrial wastewater discharge.
Sec. 24-43.   Industrial wastewater permit requirements; restrictions and conditions.
Sec. 24-44.   Truckers' discharge permit.
Sec. 24-45.   Prohibition of specific substances.
Sec. 24-46.   Industrial cost recovery.
Sec. 24-47   Power and authority of inspectors.
Sec. 24-48.   Enforcement.
Sec. 24-49.   Appeal procedure.
Sec. 24-50.   Billing.
Sec. 24-51.   Deposits.
Sec. 24-52.   Use of funds.
Sec. 24-53.   Effective date.