Chapter 16
*   Editors Note: Ord. No. 9816, §§ 1--13, adopted Feb. 24, 2003, repealed various provisions of Chs. 6, 11 and 15. Section 15 of said Ord. No. 9816 enacted provisions designated as a new Ch. 16 to read as herein set out. The disposition of former Code sections and their respective new designations is as shown below:
Showing where the subject matter of former sections of the Tucson City Code is incorporated in the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance, effective _____________, 200__.
Former section(s)
Subject matter
New section(s)
Dangerous buildings and slum property
16-12; 16-14; 16-20--16-28
Minimum housing requirements
16-11; 16-12
Public nuisance
Junked motor vehicles
Loud or unruly gatherings
Registration of residential rental properties
Accumulation of refuse and vegetation; illegal dumping and littering; persons liable; duty to remove weeds and refuse from abutting sidewalks, streets and alleys; abatement by city; composting; and burning of refuse
16-13; 16-33
Placing rubbish, trash, filth or debris upon the property of another or public property
Art. I.   General Provisions, §§ 16-1--16-9
Art. II.   Maintenance Standards, §§ 16-10--16-19
Art. III.   Slum Property, §§ 16-20--16-29
Art. IV.   Unlawful Acts, §§ 16-30--16-39.1
Art. V.   Administration and Enforcement, §§ 16-40--16-59
Art. VI.   Abatement, §§ 16-60--16-69
Art. VII.   Administrative Appeals, §§ 16-70--16-79
Art. VIII.   Liability; Conflicts; Severability; Acknowledgement, §§ 16-80--16-99
Article I. General Provisions
Sec. 16-1.   Title.
Sec. 16-2.   Purpose and scope; application of other codes.
Sec. 16-3.   Definitions.
Sec. 16-4.   Permits required.
Secs. 16-5--16-9.   Reserved.
Article II. Maintenance Standards
Sec. 16-10.   Scope.
Sec. 16-11.   Building interior.
Sec. 16-12.   Building and structure exteriors.
Sec. 16-13.   Exterior premises and vacant land.
Sec. 16-14.   Dilapidated structures; vacant and unsecured structures; buildings and structures constituting a nuisance.
Sec. 16-15.   Junked or inoperable vehicles.
Secs. 16-16--16-19.   Reserved.
Article III. Slum Property
Sec. 16-20.   Slum property; definitions.
Sec. 16-21.   Registration of residential rental property.
Sec. 16-22.   Inspection of residential rental property.
Sec. 16-23.   Abatement of slum property.
Sec. 16-24.   Designation of slum property; recordation.
Sec. 16-25.   Notice of designation.
Sec. 16-26.   Appointment of temporary receiver and recovery of costs.
Sec. 16-27.   Recovery of inspection costs.
Sec. 16-28.   Appeal from designation as slum property.
Sec. 16-29.   Licensed property management company; crime free multihousing program; required training.
Article IV. Unlawful Acts
Sec. 16-30.   Graffiti prevention, prohibition and removal.
Sec. 16-31.   Excessive noise.
Sec. 16-32.   Unruly gatherings.
Sec. 16-33.   Placing refuse upon the property of another or public property; illegal littering or dumping prohibited; persons responsible.
Sec. 16-34.   Public nuisance.
Sec. 16-35.   Obstructing streets, alleys or sidewalks prohibited.
Sec. 16-36.   Posting of handbills prohibited.
Sec. 16-37.   Group dwelling public nuisance; abatement.
Sec. 16-38.   Transfer of group dwelling public nuisance property after remediation plan or court order.
Sec. 16-39.   Shopping cart impoundment.
Sec. 16-39.1.   Limitations on yard sales.
Article V. Administration and Enforcement
Sec. 16-40.   Authority to enforce.
Sec. 16-41.   Rules and regulations.
Sec. 16-42.   Authority and inspections; re-inspection fees; appeal.
Sec. 16-43.   Enforcement independent of other provisions.
Sec. 16-44.   Cooperation of other departments.
Sec. 16-45.   Notice of violation.
Sec. 16-46.   Transfer of property after notice.
Sec. 16-47.   Recording a violation.
Sec. 16-48.   Violations and penalties.
Sec. 16-49.   Jurisdiction of court.
Sec. 16-50.   Commencement of civil infraction proceedings.
Sec. 16-51.   Appeal of court decision.
Secs. 16-52--16-59.   Reserved.
Article VI. Abatement
Sec. 16-60.   Court ordered abatement.
Sec. 16-61.   Abatement by the city.
Sec. 16-62.   Temporary abatement.
Sec. 16-63.   Emergency abatement.
Sec. 16-64.   Structures posted as hazardous.
Sec. 16-65.   Abatement by demolition.
Sec. 16-66.   Historic structures.
Sec. 16-67.   Failure to obey abatement order.
Secs. 16-68--16-69.   Reserved.
Article VII. Administrative Appeals
Sec. 16-70.   Availability of administrative appeal.
Sec. 16-71.   Administrative conference.
Sec. 16-72.   Modifications.
Sec. 16-73.   Appeals to the board of appeals.
Sec. 16-74.   Powers, duties and responsibilities of the board.
Secs. 16-75--16-79.   Reserved.
Article VIII. Liability; Conflicts; Severability; Acknowledgement
Sec. 16-80.   Liability.
Sec. 16-81.   Conflict of ordinances.
Sec. 16-82.   Severability.
Sec. 16-83.   Acknowledgement.
Secs. 16-84--16-99.   Reserved.