Chapter 2
*   Cross References: Community affairs, ch. 10A; housing and community development, § 10B-1 et seq.; permit appeal board for transportation of hazardous materials, § 13-11; administrative hearing office, ch. 28.
Art. I.   In General, §§ 2-1--2-25.1
Art. II.   Mayor and Council, §§ 2-26--2-44
Art. III.   Public Communication, Community Engagement, and Integrated Planning, §§ 2-45--2-80
Art. IV.   Reserved, §§ 2-81--2-87
Art. V.   Bonds of Officers and Employees, §§ 2-88--2-100
Art. VI.   City Clerk Records Management, §§ 2-101--2-119
Art. VII.   Reserve Police Officer Program, §§ 2-120--2-129
Art. VIII.   Special Duty Police Services Program, §§ 2-130--2-139
Art. IX.   Disposition of Property and Money by the Police Department, §§ 2-140 – 2-141
Article I. In General
Sec. 2-1.   City office hours.
Sec. 2-2.   Absences of appointive officers and heads of office and vacancies in appointive officers and heads of office positions.
Sec. 2-3.   Compensation of senior officers acting as department heads.
Sec. 2-4.   Residency requirement for specified city officers and employees.
Sec. 2-5.   Building safety division; chief inspector.
Sec. 2-6.   Sale of property for nonpayment of district assessments.
Sec. 2-7.   Statute of limitations on unpaid warrants.
Sec. 2-8.   Mayor's expense account.
Sec. 2-9.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-9.1.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-10.   Civil liability of city; notice of defective condition required.
Sec. 2-11.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-12.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-13.   Salary of employee during injury or sickness; salary paid to supplement workers' compensation; lien.
Sec. 2-14.   Reserved.
Sec. 2-15.   County health officer to enforce health, sanitation, food regulations; obstructing, resisting health officer.
Sec. 2-16.   Authority of city manager to execute certain utility rights-of-way.
Sec. 2-16.1.   Authority of city manager to administer the city real estate program.
Sec. 2-17.   Acceptance of dedications.
Sec. 2-18.   City fixed route, regularly scheduled bus system called Sun Tran and modern streetcar system called Sun Link; fares; eligibility and prohibited activity.
Sec. 2-19.   City curb-to-curb barrier-free transportation service called Sun Van, the complementary paratransit service; fares; eligibility and prohibited activity.
Sec. 2-20.   Transit system rules and regulations.
Sec. 2-21.   Promotional discount fare program for the Sun Tran fixed route bus and Sun Link modern streetcar systems.
Sec. 2-22.   City Sun Tran, Sun Link and paratransit service systems fare subsidy program for low-income individuals; fare subsidies; eligibility and prohibited activity.
Sec. 2-22.1.   False information or refusal to provide information to obtain or retain low income assistance.
Sec. 2-23.   Permits for use of community center.
Sec. 2-24.   Fees chargeable for background check before transfer of handguns.
Sec. 2-25.   Authorization.
Sec. 2-25.1.   Fingerprint clearance and criminal history check.
Sec. 2-25.2.   Parks and recreation department.
Sec. 2-25.3.   Housing and community development department.
Sec. 2-25.4.   Public safety communications and fire department.
Sec. 2-25.5.   Information technology.
Sec. 2-25.6.   Public resources and emergency management.
Article II. Mayor and Council
Sec. 2-26.   Date, time, and place of meetings; to be public.
Secs. 2-27--2-29. Reserved.
Sec. 2-30.   City officers and employees to attend meetings.
Secs. 2-31--2-44. Reserved.
Article III. Public Communication, Community Engagement, and Integrated Planning
Sec. 2-45.   Policy.
Sec. 2-46.   Implementation and administration of Plan Tucson.
Sec. 2-47.   Designated planning agency.
Secs. 2-48--2-80. Reserved.
Article IV. Reserved
Secs. 2-81--2-87. Reserved.
Article V. Bonds of Officers and Employees
Sec. 2-88.   Required; amounts.
Sec. 2-89.   Bonding of new employees.
Sec. 2-90.   Conditions, signing, approval.
Sec. 2-91.   City to pay premiums.
Secs. 2-92--2-100. Reserved.
Article VI. City Clerk Records Management
Sec. 2-101.   Preservation of records in compliance with state law.
Sec. 2-102.   Reproductions from public records; certified copies.
Sec. 2-103.   Preservation of essential records.
Secs. 2-104--2-119. Reserved.
Article VII. Reserve Police Officer Program
Sec. 2-120.   Appointment of reserve police officers.
Sec. 2-121.   Purpose and functions of reserve police officers.
Sec. 2-122.   Status of reserve police officers; compensation.
Sec. 2-123.   Qualifications for appointment; applications.
Sec. 2-124.   Oath of office.
Sec. 2-125.   Preassignment training.
Sec. 2-126.   Dismissal.
Sec. 2-127.   Relation to other police officers.
Secs. 2-128, 2-129. Reserved.
Article VIII. Special Duty Police Services Program
Sec. 2-130.   Definitions.
Sec. 2-131.   Special duty police services; authorizing police chief to execute agreements with employers that set forth the wages and conditions for special duty police services; authorizing use of city resources for billing, accounting, and payment; authorizing police chief to charge an administrative fee; and permitting use of city vehicles.
Secs. 2-132--2-139. Reserved.
Article IX. Disposition of Property and Money by the Police Department
Sec. 2-140.   Disposition of property obtained by the police department.
Sec. 2-141.   Disposition of unclaimed money by the police department.