Chapter 25
*   Editors Note: See editor's footnotes, articles I, II and III. Ordinance No. 8727, § 3, adopted September 9, 1996, repealed division 1--3 titles.
   Cross References: Operating bicycles on sidewalks, pedestrian paths, or through underpasses prohibited, § 5-2; motor vehicles and traffic, ch. 20; subdivisions, § 23-532 et seq.
Art. I.   Repairs and Improvements in Public Rights-of-way, §§ 25-1--25-44
Art. II.   Duties and Prohibitions, §§ 25-45--25-62
Art. III.   Address Numbering, §§ 25-63--25-79
Art. IV.   Underground Utility Districts, §§ 25-80--25-100
Art. V.   Temporary Work Zone Traffic Management, §§ 25-101--25-105
Article I. Repairs and Improvements in Public Rights-of-way
Sec. 25-1.   Permits required.
Sec. 25-2.   Application forms.
Sec. 25-3.   Conditions for obtaining permit.
Sec. 25-4.   Public right-of-way improvement permit fees.
Sec. 25-5.   Permit expiration.
Sec. 25-6.   Grade and alignment standards.
Sec. 25-7.   Variance from standards.
Sec. 25-8.   Grade and line required.
Sec. 25-9.   Construction standards.
Sec. 25-10.   Inspection of work.
Sec. 25-11.   Conformance to rules and regulations.
Sec. 25-12.   Repair of sidewalk by abutting owners; failure to repair; no permit fee required.
Sec. 25-13.   Permit required.
Sec. 25-14.   Unimproved portions of public right-of-way may be improved.
Sec. 25-15.   Guards required separating private property from improved right-of-way.
Sec. 25-16.   Additional requirements for improved portions of right-of-way.
Sec. 25-17.   Exceptions to permit requirement.
Sec. 25-18.   Application forms.
Sec. 25-19.   Reserved.
Sec. 25-20.   Conditions for obtaining permit.
Sec. 25-21.   Permits required from other city departments or governmental agencies.
Sec. 25-22.   Conformance to rules and regulations.
Sec. 25-23.   Inspection of work.
Sec. 25-24.   Barricades; notice.
Sec. 25-25.   Resurfacing.
Sec. 25-26.   Permit expiration.
Sec. 25-27.   Backfilling and filling.
Sec. 25-28.   Variance from standards.
Sec. 25-29.   "Driveway" defined.
Sec. 25-30.   Permit required.
Sec. 25-31.   Application forms.
Sec. 25-32.   Reserved.
Sec. 25-33.   Conditions for obtaining permit.
Sec. 25-34.   Variance from standards.
Sec. 25-35.   Permit expiration.
Sec. 25-36.   Conformance to rules and regulations.
Sec. 25-37.   Inspection of work.
Sec. 25-38.   Special requirements in residential districts.
Sec. 25-39.   Special requirements in business districts.
Sec. 25-40.   Special requirements in industrial districts.
Sec. 25-41.   Variances from curb cuts and driveway requirements.
Sec. 25-42.   Driveways may be denied.
Sec. 25-43.   Curb cut replacements.
Sec. 25-44.   Permit and fee curb cut replacements.
Article II. Duties and Prohibitions
Sec. 25-45.   Destroying grade or line stakes; trespassing on closed streets.
Sec. 25-45.1.   Violation declared civil infraction.
Sec. 25-46.   Obstructing streets prohibited.
Sec. 25-47.   Duty to remove street obstruction after notice.
Sec. 25-48.   Injuring, tearing up pavement or sidewalks.
Sec. 25-49.   Digging, removing earth from streets, public places.
Sec. 25-50.   Selling, displaying merchandise on streets near schools.
Sec. 25-51.   Obstructing sidewalks prohibited; placing benches on sidewalks.
Sec. 25-52.   Obstructing water flow in streets, gutters, conduits.
Sec. 25-52.1.   Planting within pedestrian area right-of-way.
Sec. 25-53.   Duty to trim.
Sec. 25-54.   Notice to trim.
Sec. 25-55.   Notice to remove; duty to keep area between curb and property line free from grass and weeds.
Sec. 25-56.   Owners, occupants of building to keep gutters and sidewalks clean.
Sec. 25-57.   Placing flower pots, tree pots, planters on sidewalks.
Sec. 25-57.1.   Attaching newspaper vending machines to public right-of-way.
Sec. 25-58.   Under-sidewalk elevators--Where permitted.
Sec. 25-59.   Same--Permit required; application; insurance.
Sec. 25-60.   Same--Issuance of permit; terms and conditions.
Sec. 25-61.   Sale of abandoned streets, alleys; cost of moving nonconforming improvements; installing conforming improvements.
Sec. 25-62.   Changes in street names.
Article III. Address Numbering
Sec. 25-63.   System established; compliance required.
Sec. 25-64.   East-west base line.
Sec. 25-65.   North-south base line.
Sec. 25-66.   Assignment of numbers--Generally.
Sec. 25-67.   Same--Ways not extending through to base line.
Sec. 25-68.   Display of numbers; size, material.
Sec. 25-69.   Plat book required; public inspection; assignment of numbers.
Sec. 25-70.   Numbers to be furnished upon application; determination of proper number in case of conflict; appeal.
Sec. 25-71.   Duty to procure and display numbers; violation; withholding of permit or approval.
Sec. 25-72.   Address numbering code.
Secs. 25-73--25-79.   Reserved.
Article IV. Underground Utility Districts
Sec. 25-80.   Establishment of districts.
Sec. 25-81.   Definitions.
Sec. 25-82.   Procedure to establish district.
Sec. 25-83.   Notice.
Sec. 25-84.   Findings required.
Sec. 25-85.   Provisions of ordinance.
Sec. 25-86.   Exceptions.
Sec. 25-87.   Publicly owned equipment.
Article V. Temporary Work Zone Traffic Management
Sec. 25-88.   Temporary work zone traffic management program established.
Sec. 25-89.   Definitions.
Sec. 25-90.   Temporary work zone traffic management.
Sec. 25-91.   Fee schedule.
Sec. 25-92.   Violations and civil sanctions.