Chapter 7B
Sec. 7B-1.   Short title.
Sec. 7B-2.   Definitions.
Sec. 7B-3.   Findings; purpose.
Sec. 7B-4.   License application and agreement.
Sec. 7B-5.   Franchise application and agreement.
Sec. 7B-6.   Policy of innovation.
Sec. 7B-7.   Time is of the essence.
Sec. 7B-8.   License or franchise required.
Sec. 7B-9.   Grant of authority.
Sec. 7B-10.   Local regulatory framework.
Sec. 7B-11.   Regulation costs.
Sec. 7B-12.   Geographic area of the system.
Sec. 7B-13.   Shared facilities.
Sec. 7B-14.   Conditions of street occupancy.
Sec. 7B-15.   Use, rental or lease of utility poles and facilities.
Sec. 7B-16.   Construction and technical standards.
Sec. 7B-17.   Provision of service and equipment to the city.
Sec. 7B-18.   Renewal and termination.
Sec. 7B-19.   Purchase of system by city.
Sec. 7B-20.   Foreclosure and receivership.
Sec. 7B-21.   Transfers and assignments.
Sec. 7B-22.   Indemnification.
Sec. 7B-23.   Insurance.
Sec. 7B-24.   Bonding.
Sec. 7B-25.   Security deposit.
Sec. 7B-26.   License or franchise fee.
Sec. 7B-26.1. Alternative license fee for long distance only licenses.
Sec. 7B-27.   Rights reserved to the city.
Sec. 7B-28.   Nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunities.
Sec. 7B-29.   Application for licenses and franchises.
Sec. 7B-30.   Cost of consultant.
Sec. 7B-31.   Damages.
Sec. 7B-32.   Remedies, violation or civil infraction.
Sec. 7B-33.   Severability.
Sec. 7B-34.   Effective date; application to existing systems.
Sec. 7B-35.   Permit moratorium.
Sec. 7B-36.   Limited point-of-presence only licenses authorized.
Sec. 7B-37.   Exemption for pre-statehood telecommunications providers.
Sec. 7B-38.   No vested rights.