Chapter 20
*   Cross References: Bicycles, ch. 5
Art. I.   In General, §§ 20-1--20-39
Art. II.   Administration, §§ 20-40--20-90
   Div. 1. Generally, §§ 20-40--20-67
   Div. 2. Violations, §§ 20-68--20-90
Art. III.   Pedestrians, §§ 20-91--20-108
Art. IV.   Traffic-Control Devices, §§ 20-109--20-134
Art. V.   Operation, §§ 20-135--20-172
Art. VI.   One-Way Streets and Stop Streets, §§ 20-173--20-199
Art. VII.   Stopping, Standing and Parking, §§ 20-200--20-299
   Div. 1. Generally, §§ 20-200--20-209
   Div. 2. Administration, §§ 20-210--20-219
   Div. 3. Parking for Individuals with Physical Disabilities, §§ 20-220--20-224
   Div. 4. Basic Parking Controls, §§ 20-225--20-245
   Div. 5. Nuisance Parking Controls, §§ 20-246--20-270
   Div. 6. Safety Issues, §§ 20-271--20-299
Art. VIII.   Taxicab Regulations, §§ 20-300--20-399
Art. IX.   Trolleys, §§ 20-400--20-499
Art. X.   Soliciting Employment, Business or Contributions From Occupants of Vehicles, §§ 20-500--20-502
Article I. In General
Sec. 20-1.   Definitions.
Sec. 20-2.   Civil traffic violations.
Sec. 20-3.   Penalties.
Sec. 20-4.   Applicability to public employees.
Sec. 20-5.   Applicability to pushcarts, animals, animal-drawn vehicles.
Sec. 20-6.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-7.   Office of traffic engineer created; general powers, duties.
Sec. 20-8.   Enforcement duties of police.
Sec. 20-9.   Police authorized to direct traffic; emergency authority.
Sec. 20-10.   Authority of officers of fire department.
Sec. 20-11.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-11.1.   Appointment of park rangers as special policemen.
Sec. 20-11.2.   Jurisdiction of special policemen.
Sec. 20-11.3.   Authority of special policemen.
Sec. 20-11.4.   Status of special policemen.
Sec. 20-11.5.   Compensation of special policemen.
Sec. 20-11.6.   Revocation of authority.
Sec. 20-11.7.   Appointment of community service officers.
Sec. 20-11.8.   Authority of community service officers.
Sec. 20-11.9.   Appointment of civilian volunteer police assist specialists.
Sec. 20-11.10.   Authority of civilian volunteer police assist specialists.
Sec. 20-12.   Impounding vehicles--When permitted.
Sec. 20-13.   Same--Notice.
Sec. 20-14.   Same--Redemption or sale.
Sec. 20-15.   Truck routes established.
Sec. 20-15.1.   Driving vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of twenty thousand (20,000) pounds on streets not designated as truck routes prohibited; exceptions.
Sec. 20-15.2.   Exceptions to truck route restrictions.
Sec. 20-16.   Special permission required to use streets not designated for trucks or to operate or move vehicles, loads or mobile homes exceeding state limitations; exemptions; permit and fee structure; violation of civil infraction.
Sec. 20-17.   Districts where loading, unloading large vehicles prohibited; variances.
Sec. 20-18.   Governmental vehicles exempt from truck route and loading or unloading provisions.
Sec. 20-19.   Driving on property of another prohibited without permission.
Secs. 20-19.1, 20-20. Reserved.
Sec. 20-21.   Driving in parks and playgrounds.
Sec. 20-21.1.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-22.   Driving on city-owned property.
Sec. 20-23.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-24.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-25.   Boarding, alighting from moving vehicles.
Sec. 20-26.   Opening vehicle doors into traffic.
Sec. 20-27.   Unlawful riding.
Sec. 20-28.   Roller skating, skateboards, coasting, toy vehicles, prohibited on roadways; skateboards prohibited in central business district areas and all library property and facilities within the Tucson-Pima Library System; exceptions:
Sec. 20-29.   Requirement for helmet use; bicycle renters and sellers; civil penalties; waiver of fine.
Sec. 20-30.   Operating motorized skateboards and motorized play vehicles; definitions; prohibitions; penalty.
Secs. 20-31--20-39.   Reserved.
Article II. Administration
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 20-40.   Traffic division established.
Sec. 20-41.   General duties of traffic division, other police officers.
Sec. 20-42.   Record of violations required.
Sec. 20-43.   Form for records and notices of violations.
Sec. 20-44   Accidents; duty of police to investigate, make arrests, assist in prosecutions.
Sec. 20-45.   Accident studies.
Sec. 20-46.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-47.   Supplemental accident reports.
Sec. 20-48.   Investigating officer to make report of accident.
Sec. 20-49.   Filing, use of accident reports; driver's reports declared confidential.
Sec. 20-50.   Availability of accident reports and files to parties involved, their attorneys, agents, insurers, or adjusters.
Sec. 20-51.   Fees for copies of traffic accident reports, files, photographs or other information.
Sec. 20-52.   Individual accident records required.
Sec. 20-53.   Study of cases of frequent offenders.
Sec. 20-54.   Annual traffic report required.
Sec. 20-55.   Identification of vehicles in funeral processions.
Sec. 20-56.   Temporary, experimental regulations authorized.
Sec. 20-57.   Testing traffic-control devices authorized.
Secs. 20-58--20-67.   Reserved.
Division 2. Violations
Sec. 20-68.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-69.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-70.   Procedures for adjudication of civil traffic violations.
Sec. 20-71.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-72.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-73.   Reserved.
Secs. 20-74--20-76.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-77.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-78.   Records of chief magistrate.
Sec. 20-79.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-80.   Disposition of civil sanctions.
Secs. 20-81--20-90.   Reserved.
Article III. Pedestrians
Sec. 20-91.   Obedience to traffic-control signals and this article.
Sec. 20-92.   Prohibited crossings.
Secs. 20-93--20-108.   Reserved.
Article IV. Traffic-Control Devices
Sec. 20-109.   Installation of devices by traffic engineer; existing devices ratified.
Sec. 20-110.   Conformance to state specifications required; uniformity; declared official.
Sec. 20-111.   Obedience required.
Sec. 20-112.   Observance of flashing yellow arrow display.
Sec. 20-112.1.   Bicycle traffic control signals.
Sec. 20-113.   Required stops for pedestrians in crosswalks.
Sec. 20-114.   Displaying unauthorized or confusing signs, signals, markings; obstructing view of devices.
Sec. 20-115.   Authority to prohibit or require turns; obedience to signs; public transit buses exempted from same.
Sec. 20-115.1.   Authority to exempt bicyclists from required or prohibited turns.
Sec. 20-116.   Authority to designate crosswalks.
Sec. 20-117.   Authority to designate safety zones.
Sec. 20-118.   Authority to mark lanes.
Sec. 20-119.   Traffic engineer authorized to establish school crossings.
Sec. 20-120.   Authority to prohibit entry onto streets and alleys from intersections; obedience to "do not enter" signs; authority to exempt bicyclists.
Secs. 20-121.--20-134.   Reserved.
Article V. Operation
Sec. 20-135.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-136.   State speed laws applicable generally.
Sec. 20-137.   Intersections where fifteen miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Sec. 20-138.   Speed limit in all city parks.
Sec. 20-138.1.   Speed limit in bicycle boulevards.
Sec. 20-138.2.   Designating current streets or parts of streets as bicycle boulevards where twenty miles per hour speed limit is imposed.
Sec. 20-139.   Speed limit in alleys.
Sec. 20-140.   Where thirty miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Sec. 20-141.   Where thirty-five miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Sec. 20-142.   Where forty miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Sec. 20-143.   Where forty-five miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Sec. 20-144.   Where fifty miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Sec. 20-145.   Where fifty-five miles per hour speed limit imposed.
Secs. 20-145.1.--20-145.4. Reserved.
Sec. 20-146.   Special speed restrictions on certain streets.
Sec. 20-146.1.   Special speed limit reductions in temporary traffic control zones.
Sec. 20-146.2.   Special speed limit reductions during nighttime hours.
Sec. 20-146.3.   Speeding in temporary traffic control zone prohibited.
Sec. 20-147.   Regulation of speed by traffic signals.
Sec. 20-148.   Following fire or rescue apparatus.
Sec. 20-149.   Driving over fire hose.
Sec. 20-150.   Permission required for processions and parades; compliance with chapter.
Sec. 20-151.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-152.   Method of driving in processions.
Sec. 20-153.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-154.   Operation of unsafe vehicles.
Sec. 20-155.   Limitations on U-turns.
Sec. 20-156.   Obstructing intersections, crosswalks.
Sec. 20-157.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-158.   Regulation of towing services.
Sec. 20-159.   Traffic signal preemptor devices.
Sec. 20-160.   Use of handheld mobile telephone or portable electronic device; prohibited conduct; exceptions.
Sec. 20-161   Racing of vehicles prohibited; definitions; penalties.
Secs. 20-162 – 20-172. Reserved.
Article VI. One-Way Streets and Stop Streets
Sec. 20-173.   Signs required.
Sec. 20-174.   Through streets.
Sec. 20-175.   Stop sign required at each intersection with through street.
Sec. 20-176.   Traffic engineer to designate hazardous intersections for "stop."
Sec. 20-176.1.   Traffic to stop at intersection when traffic signals are out of service.
Sec. 20-177.   Traffic engineer to designate hazardous intersections for "yield."
Sec. 20-178.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-179.   One-way streets and alleys.
Secs. 20-180--20-199.   Reserved.
Article VII. Stopping, Standing and Parking
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 20-200.   Unlawful parking prohibited; classification; parking defined; parties liable; applicability of regulations; continuous violations; mandatory fines and fees; community service.
Sec. 20-201.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-202.   Prima facie evidence of parking infraction.
Sec. 20-203.   Failure to respond to citation; default fee; booting and impounding vehicle authorized, booting and impound fees; damages to boot.
Sec. 20-204.   Booting or impounding list.
Secs. 20-205--20-209.   Reserved.
Division 2. Administration
Sec. 20-210.   Director of transportation; duties; Park Tucson Administrator duties; authorization to issue citations and collect violation fines.
Sec. 20-211.   Administrative guidelines.
Sec. 20-212.   Civilian volunteer police assist specialists authorized to issue citations.
Sec. 20-213.   Parking enforcement agents exempt.
Secs. 20-214--20-219.   Reserved.
Division 3. Parking for Individuals with Physical Disabilities
Sec. 20-220.   Parking for individuals with physical disabilities; designation; enforcement.
Sec. 20-221.   Penalty.
Sec. 20-222.   Parking prohibited in spaces reserved for individuals with physical disabilities.
Sec. 20-222.1.   Parking prohibited in access aisles of spaces reserved for individuals with physical disabilities.
Sec. 20-222.2.   Paratransit loading zones.
Sec. 20-223.   Wheelchair curb access ramps.
Sec. 20-224.   Reserved.
Division 4. Basic Parking Controls
Sec. 20-225.   Penalty.
Sec. 20-226.   Designation of places angle parking permitted.
Sec. 20-226.1.   Obedience to angle parking signs, marking.
Sec. 20-226.2.   Parking at angle to load or unload merchandise.
Sec. 20-226.3.   Angle parking.
Sec. 20-226.4. Angle parking, direction.
Sec. 20-227.   Designation of common-carrier passenger vehicle stands.
Sec. 20-228.   Taxicab stands--Application for; location; signs required.
Sec. 20-228.1.   Same--Revocation.
Sec. 20-229.   Time limit parking.
Sec. 20-230.   Designation of parking meter zones; authority to create, alter, eliminate.
Sec. 20-230.1.   Park Tucson administrator shall install within designated zones.
Sec. 20-230.2.   Temporary suspension of operation--When granted.
Sec. 20-230.3.   Same--Fees.
Sec. 20-230.4.   Location; legend.
Sec. 20-230.5.   Spaces to be marked; parking in spaces.
Sec. 20-230.6.   Overtime parking prohibited; "feeding" meters prohibited.
Sec. 20-230.7.   Effective days and hours.
Sec. 20-230.8.   Prima facie evidence of overtime parking.
Sec. 20-230.9.   Meters to show parking compliance.
Sec. 20-230.10.   Deposit of slugs prohibited.
Sec. 20-230.11.   Residential parking permit meter exemption.
Sec. 20-230.12.   Parking rates.
Sec. 20-231.   Police/fire vehicle parking.
Sec. 20-232.   Government plated vehicles.
Sec. 20-233.   Specific vehicle type restrictions (RV, motorcycle, etc.).
Sec. 20-234.   Hazard flashers mandatory.
Sec. 20-235.   Public parking prohibited in parking lots or spaces reserved for city officers or employees.
Sec. 20-236.   Height limit restriction.
Sec. 20-237.   Obedience to markings; double parking prohibited.
Secs. 20-238--20-245.   Reserved.
Division 5. Nuisance Parking Controls
Sec. 20-246.   Penalty.
Sec. 20-247.   Parking for certain purposes prohibited.
Sec. 20-248.   Parking regulations for peddlers.
Sec. 20-248.1.   Parking regulations for peddlers in certain central business district streets.
Sec. 20-249.   Freight curb loading zones; location of provisional zones in parking meter zones.
Sec. 20-249.1.   Same--When nonauthorized vehicles prohibited in provisional zones.
Sec. 20-250.   Parking on property of another prohibited without permission.
Sec. 20-251.   Parking in parks and playgrounds.
Sec. 20-252.   Parking on city-owned property.
Sec. 20-253.   Parking for purposes of sale on unpaved lots.
Sec. 20-254.   Parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets.
Sec. 20-255.   Neighborhood parking program.
Sec. 20-257.   Special events permit parking.
Sec. 20-258.   Additional permit parking programs; fees; city manager may establish additional permit parking programs and an annual parking permit fee.
Sec. 20-259.   Expired registration.
Sec. 20-260.   Stopping, standing, parking prohibited between the curb and sidewalk or in an unimproved pedestrian area impeding continuous pedestrian use.
Sec. 20-261.   Unattended and inoperable vehicles prohibited.
Sec. 20-262.   Truck parking on streets not designated as truck routes prohibited.
Sec. 20-263.   Recreational vehicles; commercial vehicles.
Secs. 20-264--20-270.   Reserved.
Division 6. Safety Issues
Sec. 20-271.   Penalty.
Sec. 20-272.   Reserved.
Sec. 20-273.   Parking in alleys.
Sec. 20-274.   Hazardous areas adjacent to schools.
Sec. 20-275.   Standing or parking outside of business or residence district.
Sec. 20-276.   Buses stopping on crosswalks, within intersections prohibited.
Sec. 20-277.   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places.
Sec. 20-278.   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in additional specified places.
Sec. 20-279.   Parallel parking.
Sec. 20-280.   Parking near fire or rescue apparatus.
Sec. 20-281.   Parking prohibited on certain streets and portions of streets.
Sec. 20-282.   Fire lanes.
Sec. 20-283.   Law enforcement officers exempt from specified parking provisions.
Secs. 20-284--20-299.   Reserved.
Art. VIII. Taxicab Regulations
Sec. 20-300.   Purpose.
Sec. 20-301.   Definitions.
Sec. 20-302.   Taxicab businesses and executive sedan services regulated.
Sec. 20-303.   Exterior display of fare and other information.
Sec. 20-304.   Interior display of fare and other information.
Sec. 20-305.   Meters, fares, charges.
Sec. 20-306.   Direct routes required.
Sec. 20-307.   Two-way radios required.
Sec. 20-308.   Civil infraction.
Sec. 20-309.   Police department and Park Tucson enforcement agents authorized to issue citations.
Secs. 20-310--20-399.   Reserved.
Art. IX. Trolleys
Sec. 20-400.   Purpose.
Sec. 20-401.   Definition.
Sec. 20-402.   Application of law.
Sec. 20-403.   Operation of motor vehicles.
Sec. 20-404.   Civil infraction.
Sec. 20-405.   Enforcement.
Secs. 20-406--20-499.   Reserved.
Article X. Soliciting Employment, Business or Contributions From Occupants of Vehicles
Sec. 20-500.   Purpose and intent; legislative findings.
Sec. 20-501.   Prohibited conduct.
Sec. 20-502.   Classification and penalty.