Chapter 29
Art. I.   General Provisions, §§ 29-1, 29-2
Art. II.   Definitions, §§ 29-3, 29-4
Art. III.   Department of Transportation as Lead Agency, § 29-5
Art. IV.   Applicability, §§ 29-6, 29-7
Art. V.   Requirements, § 29-8
Art. VI.   Variances and Appeals, §§ 29-9, 29-10
Art. VII.   Enforcement, § 11
Art. VIII.   Watercourse Amenities, Safety, and Habitat, §§ 29-12--29-19
Art. IX.   Development Regulations and Public Notice in the Proximity of Designated Landfills, §§ 29-20--29-29
Article I. General Provisions
Sec. 29-1.   Short title.
Sec. 29-2.   Purpose.
Article II. Definitions
Sec. 29-3.   Definitions.
Sec. 29-4.   Abbreviations.
Article III. Department of Transportation as Lead Agency
Sec. 29-5.   Powers and duties.
Article IV. Applicability
Sec. 29-6.   Applicability to major employers.
Sec. 29-7.   Voluntary participation.
Article V. Requirements for Employees
Sec. 29-8.   Requirements for major employers.
Article VI. Variances and Appeals
Sec. 29-9.   Variances.
Sec. 29-10.   Appeals.
Article VII. Enforcement
Sec. 29-11.   Violations.
Article VIII. Watercourse Amenities, Safety, and Habitat
Sec. 29-12.   Purpose and intent.
Sec. 29-13.   Definitions
Sec. 29-14.   Applicability.
Sec. 29-15.   Development in the study area.
Sec. 29-16.   Development requirements for resource areas.
Sec. 29-17.   Review and approval.
Sec. 29-18.   Violation declared a civil infraction.
Sec. 29-19.   Appeals and variances.
Article IX. Development Regulations and Public Notice in the Proximity of Designated Landfills
Sec. 29-20.   Purpose.
Sec. 29-21.   Definitions.
Sec. 29-22.   Scope of application.
Sec. 29-23.   Development on or within one hundred (100) feet of a landfill.
Sec. 29-24.   Development between one hundred (100) and five hundred (500) feet from a landfill.
Sec. 29-25.   Reporting obligations.
Sec. 29-26.   Public notice.
Sec. 29-27.   Cooperation of landfill owners and operators.
Sec. 29-28.   City access.
Sec. 29-29.   Violation declared a civil infraction.