Editor’s note:
   The Charter of the City of Negaunee, Michigan, was adopted by the voters on April 3, 1950. Dates appearing in parentheses following a section heading in the Table of Contents, or following a section in the text, indicate that the section was amended, enacted or repealed on the date given.
Article I: Powers of Government
   Section 1.1   Council-Manager Form of Government.
   Section 1.2   Boundaries.
   Section 1.3   Powers of City.
   Section 1.4   Exercise of Powers.
Article II: Elections
   Section 2.1   Wards and Precincts.
   Section 2.2   Qualifications of Electors.
   Section 2.3   Non-Partisan Elections.
   Section 2.4   Procedure.
   Section 2.5   Election Commission.
   Section 2.6   Date of Regular Elections. (Dec. 4, 1961)
   Section 2.7   Special Elections.
   Section 2.8   Notices.
   Section 2.9   Voting Hours.
   Section 2.10   Nomination Petitions.
   Section 2.11   Qualifications of Candidates. (Nov. 6, 1990)
   Section 2.12   Affidavits of Eligibility.
   Section 2.13   Time Limit for Filing of Nomination Petitions. (Dec. 4, 1961)
   Section 2.14   Certification of Names of Candidates by City Clerk.
   Section 2.15   Board of Canvassers.
   Section 2.16   Registration of Voters.
   Section 2.17   Tie Votes.
Article III: Removals and Vacancies
   Section 3.1   Vacancies in General.
   Section 3.2   Appointments by Council.
   Section 3.3   Appointment of Temporary Justice of the Peace.
   Section 3.4   Removals in General; Recalls.
Article IV: Council
   Section 4.1   Number, Selection and Term.
   Section 4.2   Powers.
   Section 4.3   Mayor as Presiding Officer; Mayor Pro Tem. (Nov. 5, 1991)
   Section 4.4   Compensation.
   Section 4.5   Term Limits. (Nov. 5, 1991)
Article V: Legislation
   Section 5.1   Organization of City Council. (Nov. 5, 1985; Nov. 5, 1991)
   Section 5.2   Regular Meetings of City Council. (Nov. 6, 1985)
   Section 5.3   Special Meetings of City Council.
   Section 5.4   Quorums; Conflicts of Interest.
   Section 5.5   Limitations on Power of the City Council.
   Section 5.6   Rules of Procedure; Journal; Minutes. (Nov. 2, 1982)
   Section 5.7   Publishing of Notices and Proceedings.
   Section 5.8   Action by Ordinance or Resolution; Definition of Resolution.
   Section 5.9   Ordinance Enactment.
   Section 5.10   Record of Ordinances.
   Section 5.11   Compilation of Ordinances. (Nov. 3, 1970)
   Section 5.12   Adoption of Technical Codes.
   Section 5.13   Penalties.
   Section 5.14   Prior Legislation and Contracts.
   Section 5.15   Establishment of Special Zones or Districts by Ordinance.
   Section 5.16   Occupancy of Trailer Homes.
   Section 5.17   Initiative and Referendum.
Article VI: Administrative Service
   Section 6.1   Administrative Officers in General.
   Section 6.2   City Manager; Appointment; Residency Requirement.
   Section 6.3   Removal of City Manager.
   Section 6.4   Duties of City Manager.
   Section 6.5   Appointment of Administrative Officers by City Manager.
   Section 6.6   Interference by Council in Appointments or Removals.
   Section 6.7   City Attorney.
   Section 6.8   City Clerk.
   Section 6.9   City Treasurer.
   Section 6.10   City Assessor.
   Section 6.11   City Engineer.
   Section 6.12   Health Officer. (Nov. 6, 1990)
Article VII: City Officers and Employees in General
   Section 7.1   Bonds (Surety) Required.
   Section 7.2   Oath of Office.
   Section 7.3   Private Use of Public Property.
   Section 7.4   Restrictions Concerning Acceptance of Gifts, Etc.
   Section 7.5   Official Interest in Contracts.
   Section 7.6   City Property to be Delivered to Successor.
   Section 7.7   Civil Service and Pensions.
   Section 7.8   Removal of City Employees.
   Section 7.9   Employee Welfare Benefits. (Dec. 1, 1952)
Article VIII: Budget
   Section 8.1   Fiscal Year.
   Section 8.2   Preparation and Submission of Budget by City Manager. (Nov. 2, 1982)
   Section 8.3   Budget Message.
   Section 8.4   Contents.
   Section 8.5   Proposed Expenditures; Comparison With Other Years.
   Section 8.6   Anticipated Surplus From Public Utility Services.
   Section 8.7   Public Hearings.
   Section 8.8   Adoption. (Nov. 2, 1982)
   Section 8.9   Establishment of Amount to be Raised by Property Taxes; Filing of Certified Copy With County.
   Section 8.10   Establishment of Appropriations; Transfers.
   Section 8.11   Effective Date of Budget; Certification; Copies.
   Section 8.12   Budget Control.
Article IX: Taxation
   Section 9.1   Assessment of Property Subject to Taxation.
   Section 9.2   Procedure.
   Section 9.3   Board of Review. (Nov. 4, 1980)
   Section 9.4   Notice of Meetings of Board of Review.
   Section 9.5   Meetings of Board of Review.
   Section 9.6   Limitations on Amount to be Levied.
   Section 9.7   Certification of Tax Levy to City Assessor.
   Section 9.8   Due Date; Interest on Late Payments. (July 27, 1967)
   Section 9.9   Collection of Penalties by City Treasurer.
   Section 9.10   No Limitations of Tax Debt.
   Section 9.11   Representation of City at State Tax Meeting.
   Section 9.12   Collection of Taxes and Assessments Levied Prior to Adoption of Charter.
Article X: Special Assessments
   Section 10.1   Council Resolution.
   Section 10.2   Procedure.
Article XI: Finance
   Section 11.1   Accounting.
   Section 11.2   Disbursements.
   Section 11.3   Depositories.
   Section 11.4   Annual Audit. (Nov. 3, 1970)
   Section 11.5   Purchasing Procedure. (Dec. 4, 1961; Nov. 2, 1982; Nov. 3, 1992)
   Section 11.6   Inventory Program.
Article XII: Borrowing
   Section 12.1   In General.
   Section 12.2   Amounts. (Nov. 3, 1970)
   Section 12.3   Contents and Use of Bonds; Records.
   Section 12.4   Special Assessment Bonds.
   Section 12.5   Mortgage Bonds.
   Section 12.6   Issuance of Bonds or Other Evidence of Indebtedness Required; Certification.
   Section 12.7   Sinking Fund.
   Section 12.8   Issuance and Delivery of Bonds.
Article XIII: Municipally Owned Utilities
   Section 13.1   Operation for Benefit of City.
   Section 13.2   Administration.
   Section 13.3   Rules and Regulations.
   Section 13.4   Accounts and Reports.
   Section 13.5   Separation of Utility Funds.
   Section 13.6   Emergency Reserve Funds. (Nov. 5, 1985)
   Section 13.7   Use of Utility Revenues. (Nov. 3, 1987)
   Section 13.8   Analytical Report.
Article XIV: Public Property
   Section 14.1   Acquisitions.
   Section 14.2   Acquisition by Condemnation.
   Section 14.3   Maintenance.
   Section 14.4   Vacations.
   Section 14.5   Donations.
Article XV: Public Utility Franchises
   Section 15.1   Continuation of Existing Franchises; Granting by Ordinance; Duration; Transfers.
   Section 15.2   Temporary Permits.
   Section 15.3   Regulation by City.
   Section 15.4   Regulation of Rates.
   Section 15.5   Joint Use of Property With City.
Article XVI: Supervisors (Repealed)
   Editor’s note:
      This article was repealed by implication by state statute, which superseded local authority.
   Section 16.1   Election.
   Section 16.2   Attendance at Council Meetings.
Article XVII: Municipal Court (Repealed)
   Editor’s note:
      This article was repealed by implication by state statute, which superseded local authority.
   Section 17.1   Election.
   Section 17.2   Qualifications.
   Section 17.3   Powers.
   Section 17.4   Proceedings.
   Section 17.5   Docket.
   Section 17.6   Jurisdiction.
   Section 17.7   Salary.
   Section 17.8   Office.
Article XVIII: Miscellaneous
   Section 18.1   Public Records.
   Section 18.2   Chapter and Section Headings.
   Section 18.3   Amendments; Conflicts.
   Section 18.4   Severability.
   Section 18.5   Person Defined; Gender References.
   Section 18.6   Planning Commission.
   Section 18.7   Recreation Department.
   Section 18.8   Copies of Charter.
Article XIX: City Liability
   Section 19.1   Damage Claims.
Article XX: Schedule
   Section 20.1   Submission of Charter.
   Section 20.2   First Election.
   Section 20.3   Terms of Office.
   Section 20.4   Organization of First Council.
   Section 20.5   Hold-Over Offices.
   Section 20.6   Vested Rights Continued.