General Provisions
   91.001   Barbed wire fences
   91.002   Porches, awnings, or signs standing on sidewalks
   91.003   Encroachments
Curbs and Gutters
   91.015   Specifications and construction requirements
   91.016   Subgrade preparation
   91.017   Forms
   91.018   Concrete; mixture; specifications, storage, and mechanical mixture required
   91.019   Subgrade
   91.020   Expansion joints
   91.021   Curing
   91.022   Backfill
   91.023   Construction
   91.024   Owner installing or replacing curb and gutter; procedure and rebate
   91.025   Repair notice
   91.026   Applicability of provisions
Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks
   91.040   Causing obstruction; permission required
   91.041   Removal order; failure to remove
   91.042   Removal of obstruction; time specified; extension
   91.043   Digging ditch; written permission
   91.044   Offensive lot; obstructing gutter
   91.045   Depositing rubbish; obstructing ditches
   91.046   Obstructing sidewalk; removal notice and prohibitions
   91.047   Gate opening out onto sidewalk
   91.048   Extensions on sidewalk; porches, signs, and cellar doors
   91.049   Cellar door or pit left open unprotected and endangering passengers
   91.050   Fence or tree causing obstruction
   91.051   Buildings materials causing obstruction
   91.052   Excavated earth obstructing streets
   91.053   Allowing animals to stand in crosswalk
   91.054   Riding, driving, or leaving livestock on sidewalk
   91.055   Removing building into or across the street
   91.056   Building; removal notice; noncompliance
   91.057   Placing or erecting building upon public grounds
   91.058   Duty of Mayor or Chief of Police to cause removal of obstructions
Lake Nashville
   91.070   Swimming or bathing
   91.071   Discharging firearms permitted; game bird hunting regulations
   91.072   Boating
   91.073   Fishing
   91.074   Swimming, camping, skiing, and the like
   91.085   Permit required
   91.086   Incorporation of utility boring and excavation requirements and excavation permit application
   91.087   Application
   91.088   Fees
   91.089   Certificate of insurance
   91.090   Deposit
   91.091   Inspections; rules and regulations
   91.092   Liability of persons to city of damage
   91.093   Manner of excavating
   91.094   Sidewalks
   91.095   Restoring surface
   91.096   Supervision
   91.097   Tunneling
   91.098   Protective measures and routing of traffic
   91.099   Protection of traffic
   91.100   Clearance for vital structures
   91.101   Relocation and protection of utilities
   91.102   Protection of adjoining property
   91.103   Protection of watercourses
   91.104   Placement of excavation material
   91.105   Abandonment of substructures
   91.106   Cleanup
   91.107   Breaking through pavement
   91.108   Depth of structures
   91.109   Backfilling
   91.110   Trenches in pipe laying
   91.111   Prompt completion of work
   91.112   Urgent work
   91.113   Emergency action
   91.114   Noise, dust and debris
   91.115   Preservation of monuments
   91.116   Location records
   91.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authorizing cities to prevent and remove encroachments or obstructions upon the streets and other municipal property, see 65 ILCS 5/11-80-3
   Authorizing cities to provide for and regulate curbs and gutters, see 65 ILCS 5/11-80-11
   Authorizing cities to regulate and prevent the depositing of offensive matter in and to prevent injury to streets and alleys, see 65 ILCS 5/11-80-10