Article I
Establishment of City Government
1.   Establishment of city
2.   Legislative and governing authority
3.   General powers - particular powers
4.   Provide for public peace, health, safety
5.   Definition of qualified elector and registered elector
Article II
Form of Government
1.   Commission - Manager - powers
2.   Members; non-partisan
3.   Qualified electors
4.   Terms of office
5.   Reasons for creating vacancy
6.   Elective office - filling vacancies
7.   City Commission judge of election
8.   Oath of office
9.   Mayor, election, term; Vice Mayor
10.   Duties of Mayor - Vice Mayor
11.   Commissioners; compensation
12.   Commissioners, expenses; statement required
13.   Commissioners, returns all city property
14.   Commissioners: recall by voters
15.   Organization meeting, time, place, special meetings, notices, quorum, minutes
16.   Commissioners: employment other offices, appointments by City Manager, rules dealing with other employees; conflict of interest, disposal of park property or river frontage
Article III
Administrative Officials
1.   Administrative officials
2.   Appointments; promotion on merit
3.   City Manager; appointment; qualifications
4.   City Manager; removal from office; procedure
5.   Appointment of Acting City Manager during vacancy
6.   Assistant City Manager; appointment; duties
7.   City Manager - duties
8.   City Clerk - appointment, duties; journal of proceedings, ordinances
9.   City Attorney - appointment, duties
10.   City Treasurer - appointment, duties; City Assessor - appointment, duties
Article IV
Nominations and Elections
1.   Holding city elections; time, registration, state law
2.   Nominating petition, form, filing
3.   Challengers at polling places
4.   Votes for Commission
5.   Special election; resolution by Commission
Article V
1.   Commission; legislature
2.   Legislation by ordinance, resolution
3.   Resolution, official action of Commission
4.   Ordinance, form, publication of summary, public hearing, publication, effective date
5.   Emergency ordinance - definition, form, votes required; repeal
6.   Same; penalties
7.   Record of ordinances, signatures
8.   Codification of ordinances, time required, copies required
Article VI
Initiative and Referendum
1.   Initiative; referendum; elector's power to reconsider adopted ordinance
2.   Petition; Clerk to provide form
3.   Petition - signatures required, form, filing time
4.   Certification by Clerk, presentation to City Commission, final determination
5.   Referendum petition; procedure
6.   Consideration by Commission, submission to voters
7.   Adoption by electors; repeal
8.   Amendments by Commission; time required
Article VII
General Finances
1.   Fiscal year
2.   Capital budget; date required, estimates; methods for financing
3.   Review previous budget
4.   Publication; copies available, time, place
5.   Adoption; date required
6.   Annual operating budget, submission to Commission
7.   Annual operating budget; contents
8.   Public hearing required, notice, copies available
9.   Adoption, date, appropriation for current expenses
10.   Budget; adjustments during year
11.   Balances not encumbered revert to general fund
12.   Emergency appropriations by City Commission
13.   Provide by resolution appropriate methods and safeguards for expenditure of funds
14.   Designate depositories - provide security for deposits
15.   Audit required
16.   Accounting system conform to laws of state
17.   Prescribe methods for financial - contractual dealings, bidding
Article VIII
1.   Power to assess taxes, methods
2.   Subjects of taxation
3.   City taxes collected according to state law
4.   Power of taxation not surrendered
5.   Assessment roll; prepared by City Assessor
6.   Board of Review; authority and duties
7. - 12.   Deleted
13.   Endorse statement confirming assessment roll
14.   Adoption of budget; Clerk certifies
15.   Assessment roll; Assessor certifies
16.   Tax roll, collection, Treasurer's powers
17.   Lien on property
18.   Unpaid taxes; sale of lands
19.   Taxes, due date, penalties
20.   Notice to taxpayers; publication; statement to taxpayers
21.   Unpaid taxes; return to County Treasurer
22.   Tax or public sale; power
23.   Assessing and collecting taxes; state law
24.   Enforcement of tax laws, City Commission
Article IX
Special Assessments
1.   Public improvements; resolution required
2.   Adopt ordinance, assessment procedure
3.   Petition objecting, percentage required by owners, vote required to confirm
4.   Excess roll; method of refund
5.   Lien on property
6.   Ordinance; necessary procedure
Article X
Borrowing Power
1.   Bonds, issuance, ordinance or resolution required
2.   Borrowing in anticipation of special assessment
3.   Notice required, contents
4.   Bonded indebtedness
5.   Bond; require statement of purchase, Mayor and Clerk signatures, record by Clerk
6.   Unissued bonds; limit number of years for selling
Article XI
1.   Franchises; authority to grant
2.   Franchises; ordinance required, exclusive franchise prohibited, duration
3.   Franchise ordinance, renewal, conditions for same, subject to change by City Commission
4.   Franchise ordinance, renewal, conditions for same, not subject to change by City Commission
5.   Enumeration not limitation: Commission authority
6.   Public utility franchise, restrictions
7.   Public utility, franchise, rate adjustments
8.   Grantee to pay cost of improvement, maintenance of streets, etc.
9.   Ordinance, terms, fees
10.   Use of streets, etc., compensation
Article XII
Municipal Utilities
1.   Municipal utilities; right to acquire; operate
2.   Utility disposal; vote required
3.   Rates and charges; Commission to fix
4.   Ordinance required; collection of rates and charges; lien on property; collection
5.   City Manager; power to appoint employees
6.   Financial accounting; publish report
7.   Municipal utility services outside city
Article XIII
1.   Creation
2.   Planning Commission; composition; members; terms
3.   Powers; provided by Act 285 Public Acts 1931
4.   Ordinance; authorizing granting building permits
5.   Zoning ordinance; City Commission prescribes
6.   Hazardous property; weed control; procedures; notice to owner
Article XIV
1.   Acquiring property for public use; city authority
2.   Condemnation; procedure
3.   Records; available to public
4.   Official representations or recitals in city agreement prohibited
5.   Members of various boards; qualifications; notices
6.   Campaign financing; restrictions, adopt ordinance
7.   Marihuana
Article XV
1.   Purpose
2.   Proposed Charter; submission to electors
3.   Ballots; form; content
4.   Effective date
5.   First Commission; election; term
6.   Vacancy
7.   Officers and employees continued; exceptions
8.   Claims; orders; contents, etc.; continued
9.   Ordinances; resolutions, etc., continued; exception
10.   Boards; committees; etc., continued
11.   Taxes; assessments; no change; exception
12.   City Commission to adopt procedures for transition
13.   Charter amendment; number votes required for conflicting provisions
14.   Severability