(a)   The Chief of Police for the City of Flint or his designee, is authorized to take any person’s fingerprints, who has been arrested for a misdemeanor, as soon as is practical after an arrest.
   (b)   If the individual accused thereafter is released without a charge made against him, or the charge is dismissed and no other charge arising out of that transaction or occurrence is made, or is found not guilty of the offense charged, or a lesser included offense, the official taking or holding such individual’s fingerprint information shall, pursuant to Michigan State law, (being MCLA § 28.243), return such fingerprint information to the individual.
   (c)   The provisions of this section (b) shall not apply where a person arrested has a prior conviction, except a misdemeanor traffic offense, unless a judge of a Court of record, except Probate Court, by express order entered of record, orders the return.
   (d)   Any person whose fingerprints may be taken, as authorized by this section and who refuses to allow or resists the taking of his fingerprints, after such person has been advised that his refusal constitutes a misdemeanor shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(Ord. 2855, passed 10-11-1982)