No work of art shall be placed on property of the City nor become the property of the City by purchase, gift, or otherwise, except for a museum or gallery unless such work of art, or a design or model of the same as required by the Commission, together with the proposed location of such work of art shall first have been submitted to the Commission for its recommendation to the City government. The term WORK OF ART as used in this ordinance shall comprise paintings, mural decorations, stained glass, statues, bas reliefs or other sculptures, monuments, fountains, arches or other structures of a permanent or temporary character intended for ornament or commemoration. No existing work of art in the possession of the City shall be removed, relocated or altered in any way without being submitted to the Commission for report and recommendation.
   The Commission may advise with the proper City officials with respect to the design of buildings, bridges, viaducts, elevated ways, gates, fences, lamp standards or other structures erected on or to be erected upon land belonging to the City and concerning arches, bridges, structures and approaches which are the property of any corporation or private individual and which shall extend over or upon any street, avenue, highway, park or public place in the City.
   The Commission, with the assistance of the Department of Public Works, is authorized to prepare and maintain a roster of sites and structures in Flint of historic significance and may recommend to the City Council measures for the preservation of any structure on said roster, including the withholding of a demolition permit for a reasonable time, with the consent of, and with due regard to the rights of the owner thereof.
(Ord. 1874, passed 10-18-1965)