The Director of the Department of Community Development shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
   (a)   The administration of Federal and State programs involving housing (except public housing); community development, renewal, preservation and conservation activities; relocation services; social services delivery programs; and such other Federal and State programs as may be designated by the Mayor or Federal statute;
   (b)   Shall, with the approval of the Mayor, have the authority to establish divisions within the Department and to appoint all subordinates and employees within the Department pursuant to personnel policies of the City developed pursuant to the provisions of Section 4-302 of the Charter.
   (c)   May, with the approval of the Mayor, adopt rules for the administration of the Department governing all personnel policies not governed by the provisions of Sections 4-301 and 4-302 of the Charter.
(Ord. 2074, passed 8-19-1968; Ord. 2431, emergency ord. passed 2-25-1994; Ord. 2549, passed 3-8-1976)