(a)   The City Wide Advisory Committee (CWAC) shall, except as otherwise provided herein, consist of 27 members. There shall be three members from each of the nine wards of the city serving on the CWAC. In each ward the City Council shall appoint two (2) members and the Mayor shall appoint one (1) member to the CWAC.
   (b)   A member of the CWAC shall be a registered voter and a resident of the ward in which he or she is appointed.
   (c)   Prior to action being taken by the City Council with respect to an appointment by the Mayor to the CWAC from a particular ward, the City Council member representing such ward shall first have had the opportunity to submit to the Mayor the name or names of any person(s) said Council member seeks to have considered for appointment to the CWAC from said ward.
   (d)   Removal as a member of the CWAC shall be for cause upon recommendation of the Mayor and in accordance with Sections 6-101(B)(3) and 1-603 of the Flint City Charter. The failure to attend at least seven meetings annually shall be a cause for removal.
   (e)   Current members of the CWAC shall continue to serve until their present term of appointment would otherwise expire, unless prior thereto, they should die, resign, accept appointment as one of the “initial appointments” as provided in § 2-26.2, or are removed as herein provided. Once the present term of a current member expires, he or she shall not serve on the CWAC beyond that term unless appointed as provided in § 2-26.2.
   (f)   For purposes of this article, CURRENT MEMBER is a person serving on the CWAC on January 23, 1989, and PRESENT TERM shall mean a term expiring either on May 31, 1989 or May 31, 1990, whichever date is applicable to a particular current member.
(Ord. 2902, passed 4-9-1984; Ord. 3092, passed 2-13-1989; Ord. 3484, passed 12-10-2001)