Causes for removal of Commission members from the Commission by the Mayor shall include malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance generally, and in particular:
   (a)   Failure to maintain reasonable familiarity with State statutes and local ordinances and rules affecting the Commission or failure to be governed thereby;
   (b)   Failure to disclose conflict of interest for purposes of disqualification when a member has personal or monetary interest in the matter involved, or will be directly affected by a decision of the Commission; and,
   (c)   Failure to attend three consecutive regular meetings or more than one-half of the last 12 regular meetings may require a hearing by the Commission at its next regular meeting following receipt of an attendance report from the Zoning Administrator. The Commission shall determine at that hearing if the circumstances warrant removal or continuation of said member(s) in the appointment and shall transmit only a recommendation of removal to the Mayor.
   Upon a recommendation of removal being made the member shall not serve further unless reappointed as a new member.
(Ord. 3095, passed 3-13-1989)