The Director of Finance shall have charge of the Department of Finance and conduct of the financial affairs of the City, including the installation, keeping and supervision of all accounts and financial records and he or she shall have such other duties as may be prescribed by the Mayor.
   No purchase may be made pursuant to §§ 18-18 through 18-21.13 inclusive, of this code, Chapter 18, Article IV, unless the Director of Finance certifies that there is an unencumbered balance in the appropriation against which the purchase is to be charged to pay for the purchase.
(Ord. 2554, passed 4-12-1976; Ord. 3627, passed 10-25-2004; Emergency Ord. - auto repealed 61 days after enactment)
Charter reference:
   Publication of ordinances and resolutions after enactment, see Charter sec. 3-303