(a)   Regular tests for motor fuel or inspection, or both, of any liquid measuring devices, commonly called pumps, storage tanks, motor truck tanks, tank cars or equipment related to or used with the above set forth items, shall be made whenever the Inspector of the Weights and Measures Division or the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal deems tests or inspections, or both, necessary.
   (b)   The Inspector of the Weights and Measures Division, the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal shall have the right, during reasonable hours, in accordance with law, to enter the premises of any person who shall have motor fuel to sell or offer for sale for the purpose of making any inspection or test, and shall have the authority to order the stopping of selling or offering for sale any motor fuel derived from crude oil and sold under the trade name of gasoline, not meeting with the specifications required in this article.
   (c)   In addition to the above provisions, it shall be the duty of each gasoline distributor to calibrate and seal, with a lead and wire seal, in such manner that the meter can not be adjusted without mutilating the seal, each gasoline and fuel oil pump which they service in the City. Such calibration and sealing are to be done once each 90 days and the date thereof shall be recorded. In these inspections, the tolerance permitted in the pump measuring device shall not exceed seven cubic inches for a five-gallon test.
(Ord. 1215, passed 2-26-1969; Ord. 1220, passed 2-26-1969)