(a)   The position of Trustee shall be deemed to be vacated by a Trustee provided in § 35-8(b)(5), (6), (7) or (8) if he or she:
      (1)   Resigns from the Board during his or her term as Trustee;
      (2)   Leaves the employ of the City;
      (3)   Transfers out of the division of government which he or she was elected or appointed to represent; or
      (4)   Dies or is physically incapacitated.
   (b)   If the vacancy occurs in the position of Trustee provided in § 35-8(b)(5), (6), (7) or (8), the alternate member provided for the respective Trustee position shall fill the vacancy. Any alternate member that fills a vacancy for § 35-8(b)(5), (6), (7) or (8) shall hold the office of Trustee until the next election is held for each respective Trustee position. In the event the alternate member position for § 35-8(b)(5), (6), (7) or (8) is vacated, the Board shall fill the vacancy from the ranks of the respective group from which the Trustee member was elected. A vacancy in the position of Trustee provided in § 35-8(b)(1) shall be deemed to occur if the Trustee shall cease to be a member of the City Council while serving as Trustee, or in the event he or she resigns from the Board of Trustees.
(Ord. 1860, passed 8-16-1965; Ord. 2149, passed 8-18-1969; Ord. 2496, passed 5-19-1975; Ord. 2558, passed 6-14-1976; Ord. 2891, passed 1-9-1984; Ord. 3768, passed 5-24-2010)