A member who has attained or attains his or her voluntary retirement age and has ten or more years of credited service may retire upon his or her written application filed with the Board of Trustees setting forth at what time, not less than 30 days nor more than 90 days subsequent to the execution and filing thereof, he or she desires to be retired. A member may not extend his or her application for retirement more than three times within a three-year period from the date of initial application. The application shall, absent the mutual agreement of the member and the employer, be deemed irrevocable 30 days preceding the effective date of retirement. Unless otherwise designated, the Personnel Director shall, for purposes of this section, be deemed the employer. Upon his or her retirement he or she shall receive a pension provided in § 35-23 if he or she is a general member, or, as provided in § 35-24.1 if he or she is a police officer member.
(Ord. 2496, passed 5-19-1975; Ord. 2895, passed 2-27-1984)